Whats the news from Pattaya and Thailand Today?


 Malaria News for Thailand

Strains of drug-resistant malaria are becoming more prevalent in much of South East Asia, including Cambodia Vietnam, Laos and northern Thailand according to an established institute.  Seems that the newer strains of the disease are resistant to known drugs. Cambodia has long been known as the centre of this new type of the disease and studies have been carried out for the past 10 years without a replacement drug being found that will combat it.  the scientific group worked with Britain’s Wellcome Sanger Institute, Oxford University and Thailand’s Mahidol University.

Malaria is caused by Plasmodium parasites and then carried by mosquitoes. According to the World Health Organisation around 220 million people have been infected with malaria as of 2017 and the disease killed 400,000 of them.


The deputy minister of agriculture and cooperatives has discussed proposals that will be considered by the cabinet regarding drought conditions in the north and north east.    In addition to some compensation for farmers, who have lost crops, the bigger picture seems to be the drilling of deep bore holes in an effort to reach the water table and keep supplies running in homes and villages.  Help with farm loans is also on the cards, which may see those in debt to banks given a grace period

Queen Sirikit

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit The Queen Mother, who  was admitted at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital on Sunday for treatment for a fever is expected to remain there as she recovers from a virus that has caused fever and respiratory problems.   Official reports tell us that HM has recovered from the initial fever but will remain for some time under care


Deputy mayor of Pattaya Ronnakit Ekkasing has made it absolutely clear that an organized pickup system for passengers at bali hai pier WILL be implemented and taxis, along with  baht buses and minivans will either adhere to the rules, that are set up to avoid congestion , or face the consequences.   This after a phone video hit social media showing many fighting to tout for custom


Early hours of Tuesday morning saw a 49 yr old American and his 19 yr old pillion passenger die  in Ban Chang.  Its believed that the Kawasaki Z100 bike was speeding when he crashed at a curve in the road. After the couple left a local bar.


Arabians at night were less than happy as police visited  one of their favourite spots in the city just after midnight Tuesday morning.  Neighbours had complained about noise and police quickly nabbed at least 20 bikes which had been modified to be louder than factory specs.  For the tourists tho, many were found NOT to have bike licences of any description and bike.   rental companies have been warned to check for licences or face fines.  The area, then, went quiet, reports from last night however indicate that many returned as if they felt they were above the law