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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (8 August 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayAugust 8, 2023 21

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (8 August 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

Will K. Anutin be proposed for PM vote?
Monday night saw the The Pheu Thai Party and Bhumjaithai Party confirm that they are working KEENLY to create a second coalition this time based on an agreement that the Lese Majeste laws will not be reviewed, that the winning Move Forward party will not partake in the coalition and that a referendum on the rewriting of the constitution would not happen within the first 2 years. Many are now asking IF K. Anutin, current caretaker health minister and deputy PM, will be proposed for the top job, or continue as a deputy. Either way, they two believe that they can garner enough votes from the senate to create a government. With K Anutin quoted in Thai media as saying that “ As for the prime minister candidate, our party will follow Pheu Thai’s proposal and present a candidate who can be approved by the members of parliament, as confirmed by Pheu Thai,” that then could see HIM proposed for PM.

Clampdown on firework factories in Thailand
The permanent Secretary for the Interior has ordered all provincial governors to check out firework storage facilities in their provinces following last week’s blast in the south that saw 12 die and hundreds of homes damaged. All must be licensed and seen to comply with strict controls, and that, well, it is to include stroes where no licence is held but have managed, in the past, to elude detection. Several large storage facilities around the country have already been found to be warehousing fireworks and they are the first to be ordered to cease.

Spanish cook who chopped gay lover jailed in Samui
The 29 year old Spanish cook, who has confessed to killing his gay lover on Koh Phangan, has been moved to Samui jail after telling police that he was in a relationship with his 33 year old Colombian doctor boyfriend but that it had turned sour. He claims the man threatened to out him as gay to his family, and demanded back a loan he had given the Spaniard to open a restaurant. With Mum and Dad both well known thespians in their home country, and him having a high social media presence, the threats, he says, drove him to divide his erstwhile bedfellow into 14 pieces which he then disposed of randomly.

Victims left without compensation 1 year after Sattahip pub fire
It’s a YEAR since Sattahip witnessed the most terrible of nightclub fires, which culminated in 26 dead and 50 seriously injured. The Mountain B venue was raised to the ground, the owner swore to compensate and pay medical bills, and, well the news slowed down to a trickle as many families preferred to keep a tight lip in the hope that they would be in some way compensated. REALITY is that most, if not all, weren’t. Quite what authorities are doing in the matter is unclear but this week the horrendous results were revealed by one lady who has only just been released from hospital, where she has racked up a multi million baht bill and 90% burns have left her in constant pain, minus her youthful look and disabled. How much did she get in compensation? Nothing. But reports indicate that the club owner coughed up a mere 100K toward her massive medical bills. With families having lost their breadwinners, parents losing their children and the outrage at the time, it appears that little if anything has been done to help any. The cheap build club became an inferno within minutes, fire escapes were locked and blocked and hundreds crushed to the single open doorway amid dense acrid smoke and flames. Nothing can describe the injuries, and in many cases families have quit work to become carers for the now disabled. The reminder is out that when using any club here, it’s worth looking and asking about escape routes.. Pattaya, sadly, still has some with very little in the way of fire escapes and those, simply put, should be avoided.
Bank details for donations: Krungsri Ayutthaya Account No: 628-1-195973 Mr. Long Van Dinh (Brother of victim)
 but reality is, the way it is now, families face decades of repayments to cover the bills that SHOULD have been covered by the club owners and their insurance.

Clampdown on motorbike rentals in Pattaya
City hall, along with police and immigration officials welcomed those from the bike rental businesses to a discussion regarding the prevalence of boy racers renting bikes and causing problems within the city. It was clarified that from now on all renters MUST keep accurate records and copies of legal bike licences and passports for all renters AND that the suggestion that some use others documents to rent means that renters should actually check photo ID before handing over the keys. Fines for renters are limited currently to 2000 baht but there are other charges that can be added to boost that if the issue continues.

6 year olds arm sucked into resort swimming pool filter
Concern has been raised regarding the safety of a swimming pool at a Huay yai resort village where emergency services were called Monday to rescue a 6 yr old Chinese girl who had managed to get her arm sucked into a filter feed pipe that sucks water, with high power to circulate and clean. That the pipe appears to have had no grill on it is of major concern and pool owners are advised to check their own for similar faults. In this case the youngster was stuck for 3 hours despite the pump being turned off when others saw the problem, the pool had to be half emptied to give access to the conduit and then a kango was used to access and widen the pipe hole. The child then was sent to hospital and is said to be recovering well albeit with arm damage.

Drunken brits bar brawl turns aggressive in Pattaya
Two drunken Brits hit headlines in their home country this week after being asked to leave a Soi Buakhao bar. Seems the owner told them to leave, for whatever reason, and they were eventually escorted out by the doorman. At that point they argued with the doorman and CCTV shows one of the father and son duo, attempting to hit a doorman. Needless to say they both ended up worse for wear, and UK papers are making a meal of it. Lesson perhaps learned, this ain’t Kansas and its best to walk away rather. Local police are investigating but that won’t heal their bruising. However, neither were able to be questioned at the time as both were considered inebriated.


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Written by: Megan Midget

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