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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (6 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMarch 6, 2024 20

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (6 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Underwater cable damage causes internet problems for Asia
Internet issues across Asia including Thailand recently are being attributed to damage done to under ocean cables in the red sea which have seen your, and my, clicks and viewing re-routed and, as a result, slowed down.  Net speed for many has been sluggish and that may take some time to resolve.  Meanwhile, 10PM last night saw numerous social media sites including FB knocked out due to ISSUES IN THEIR SERVERS. Resolved now, and anyone who sent documents or messages after 10 is advised to check with the recipient that it went through.

– (VIDEO) Thai & Filipina ladyboys clash in violent Bangkok brawl
Yesterday saw Bangkok police unraveling the cause of a street battle between ladyboys in the city. Word is that in Soi 11 on the Sukhumvit, 20 Filipina transvestites fought with a growing crowd of Thais of a similar persuasion, over claims that the allegedly illegal immigrants were pinching customers.  More and more locals joined the fight which was to say the least vicious.  Police broke it up and hauled all off to the local police station where hundreds more gathered after a rally call over social media.  Lumpini police are liaising with immigration to resolve claims that the Filipinas were here without visas and one thing’s for sure.. they won’t have work permits.  If anything, it reminded all that despite the dresses and makeup these aren’t the crowd to mess with.

– Home loan rejections high as banks tighten rules
The housing finance association has gone on record this week with a report that upwards of 50% of mortgage applications have been rejected as finance institutions tighten their belt and regs, following an elongated period of increasing loan defaults.  Only a few years ago, borrowers were able to source loans IN EXCESS of selling prices, thanks, in many cases, to brokers who hiked prices to cover fees and even furniture and leaving the lenders with, in some cases, 125% loan to value.   Banks and other lenders, according to the report, are reviewing the actual cost of living here and reviewing credit records which, in the past, failed to list all debts or defaults.  Low cost housing here has always been in demand and seen many buy and subsequently let out for more than the mortgage payments. Any increase in rates would put them upside down too, and its expected that real property value assessments, along with higher down payments will be the norm very soon, especially in properties under the 3 million mark.

– British expat faces life in jail for dealing in Thailand 
Earlier in the week we reported on a British man arrested in Surat thani and charged with drug dealing on Koh Tao.  36 year old John Brett, married to a local woman and with an infant child, faces a life sentence now that HIS case has been processed and as reported he had been under surveillance for half a year by police determined not only to nab him, but also his suppliers and possibly customers.  Seems Brett, who has other family members living in Thailand, claims to be a part owner in a bar and was recorded daily as selling drugs    and he has admitted that all the extacy pills and LSD found belonged to him.  That confession will likely see his trial speeded up and him remain in custody until then.

– Intoxicated hotel cook arrested for shopping mall shooting 
In Nakhon Ratchasima, a hotel cook has handed himself in to police after he shot and wounded a mall security guard at the weekend.  Facing charges of attempted murder, the 30 year old claims that he shot the man after he had reported to cook for being drunk at work, seeing him lose his job.

– Firearm dealer arrested 
When Klong toey police arrested an illegal gun dealer, following a tip off, they found he had 2500 cartridges in his truck.  That alone would see him jailed for a long time but a check on his home revealed nearly 32 thousand more.   Selling them online, police waited as he took his latest batch of orders to a parcel centre where he was duly put in handcuffs. He bought cartridges from illegal sources and sold them to customers of his old company. He said he had been in the illicit business for about seven months and earned more than 100,000 baht a month, according to police. Seems he is happy to assist police in their enquiries, in the hope of a lighter sentence and in addition to claiming that he earned over 100 K Baht a month, he is likely to hand over a full list of his buyers… and suppliers.

– Over 3 billion baht seized from online scammers in Thailand
The Anti-Online Scam Operations Centre reports that in the past quarter they have seized over three BILLION baht from fraudsters, and, with the crackdowns on mule accounts and mobile phone numbers used by the gangs, managed in many cases to return money to the victims. The NBTC is targeting numbers that make over 100 calls a day.  Already shutting down 2.5 million sim cards after the mid-February deadline set for anyone to register if legally operating more than 100 cards. This as the CIB reports 51 arrests of those involved in running mule bank accounts.

– Russian rescued before jumping from Pattaya rooftop 
Meanwhile at home and in Pattaya, wily cops jumped an errant 32 year old Russian man who hung over the ledge of an 8th floor rooftop yesterday. With an inflated life saver set up below him, he still refused to come away from the ledge where he was reported to be intoxicated with something, or other.  As the cushion was inflated, others encouraged him to calm down and have a cigarette away from the edge until one officer jumped him, restrained him and dragged him to safety.  Now in custody he was receiving medical checks and his embassy informed.

– British man surrenders after throwing glass at Thai woman 
The BRITISH man accused of throwing a glass at a woman in Jomtien after she petted local dogs which annoyed him by barking, handed HIMSELF in to police yesterday. The 60 year old admitted throwing the glass, claimed that he had been under the influence of medication and apologized.  It’s likely charges will be dropped as he forked out a reportedly proportionate amount of COMPENSATION to the woman.  He told the press that he has no recollection of the incident due to the medicine he had taken.

– Intoxicated tourist falls after mistaking balcony for bathroom
A 4.30 in the morning call to emergency services saw them giving a statement to a drunk Indian who, we are told, was parting in a small condo when he wanted to use the toilet..  Losing his bearing, according to his pals, he went left not right and instead of entering the bathroom, flipped over the balcony of a 6th floor room.  Lucky for him, just one floor below was a rooftop extending further than his fall.  Injuries saw him hospitalized and the reminder is out that flying whilst drunk is a crime here.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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