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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (5 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todaySeptember 5, 2023 9

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (5 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

– Drone attack at Burmese border
Yesterday saw Thai authorities discussing a drone attack that took place just inside the Burmese border on Sunday night that is reported to have seen 5 die and 16 injured.  Said to have been operated by nationalists opposed to the military regime there, the attack was on an army installation, and police station.  Army in Myanmar is on heightened alert this week and inside the Thai border here, locals are pensive too.

– Wanted hit man arrested
A wanted hit man has been arrested in Nakhon Si Thammarat after being found hiding on a local plantation.  It’s believed he had been reported to authorities by someone who knew him and records show that he had warrants outstanding on charges related to murders and illegal gun possession.  In his makeshift room police discovered 3 rifles, a handgun and ammunition.

– Frenchman beaten to his demise by son
In the capital, the son of an expat Frenchman has been taken into custody after he beat his father to death.  The 52 year old was beyond resuscitation by medics, a hammer was found nearby and locals told that the two had argued loudly, this as his wife, from whom he was separated told authorities that her, NOW, ex was a regular drunk, however, the son for sure has mental health issues which in the past had been noted by authorities during previous calls to the address.

– Bangkok high-rise buildings under threat 
If other cities firmly apply a law that exists in the capital there could be ructions.  Following complaints, media was taken to several sois in the city where the street width is under 6 metres YET.. planning permits had been given for condo buildings. Seems that there IS a law, at least in the capital, which prohibits tall buildings in narrow sois, mainly due to access and safety issues.  Either way the local director of building control is said to be reviewing each case.

– Do you have questions for the British Ambassador & Consul to Thailand?
You may have questions that you would love to raise with the British ambassador and consul to Thailand.  Now’s your chance!  Visit and message us as we will be interviewing both later this week.  The questions can be of any pertinent type and we will try to include most, if not all.  It’s important to us that we ask the questions YOU want.. so look forward to your messages.

– Expat teacher arrested for indecent relationships with young students 
Luke Nathaniel Rockwell,  an American expat teaching English in the capital has been arrested and charged with having a relationship with at least one of his 16 year old students.  Following complaints from her family, including claims that she now has contracted certain personal ailments from him,  it’s also been claimed that he videoed their dalliances.  Rockwell is said to have had issues in previous centres of learning here in Thailand before this incident. A vlogger, mainly on TikTok, he had a large following of youngsters and is said to have seen himself as something of a celebrity, but former colleagues suggest he had been ASKED to leave elsewhere in the school system due to inappropriate behaviour AND that he had a habit of boasting of his conquests, showing photos to anyone who wanted to see, including co workers at a teacher training company.

– Russian arrested in boiler room scam
A Russian in Surat thani is the latest to be inked to, and arrest for involvement in the online scam gang that tricked a woman into getting into serious debt which is said to have led to her husband killing her and their two children before trying to take his own life in Samut prakan last month. The 31 year old is accused of being involved in the Cambodia based boiler room and is the second to be arrested here.

– Battery powered car meltdown at shopping mall 
A battery powered car literally melted down this week after catching fire at a shopping mall in Udon thani.  Seems the family were shopping, the driver stood by though and charged his ride,  only to see it smoke and then go up in flames.  With serious issues for fire departments regarding the extinguishing of car battery fire,  the locals appear to have doused it with foam.. and water.   Teams from the manufacturer are checking the remains of the ONE WEEK OLD car,  and it’s believed that the vehicle wiring NOT the battery caught fire.   Had that spread TO the battery, very few fire departments have the right equipment to stop them burning.

– Thepprasit road U-turn nightmare
Meanwhile at home and in Pattaya, our own survey of the MUCH DERIDED u-turn points on Thepprasit road, proved clearly that whilst the new centre reservation is a good idea, the turning points themselves are chaotic.  For a small pickup to make a u turn,  for which the turn points have been created, involves a 3 point turn and the vehicle backing back into traffic on the other side too.  It’s believed that city hall is reviewing but the easiest solution would be the widening of the turn gaps in the reservations.  Either way, the new congestion saving idea.. is causing congestion itself.

– Fabulous 103FM now back on air
Fab 103 was off air yesterday for 2 hours –  a weekend of power spikes and of course the internet crash which covered the region and perhaps country, left one of our processors doing its best, but failing.  Quickly repaired.. all good as of 10.30AM, on air and on the net.

– Pong local denied land registration after 70 years
In Pong subdistrict out at the lake, a local resident of multiple decades has called the press to see WHY he is unable to register the land he has occupied for over 70 yrs.  Seems all others have been allowed, as is custom, to register their lands for official deeds but when the man and his son applied and had all the relevant documentation for the large lakeside plot, the local city hall bosses refused to sign off on them.  With the land office and all other agencies satisfied, he took to the press with him to a meeting with the village mayor who then finally promised to review the case and if approved, sign off on them today.  The land?  Well it’s worth a fortune now but back in the day it was scrubland.

– 45,000 litres of crude oil leaked into Sriracha waters 
An estimated 45K litres of crude oil is being recovered THIS week in Sri racha after a  tanker or pipeline leaked into the ocean at the weekend. Sadly, much of that is expected to hit local beaches and as far as Bang saen by the weekend.  The Sunday night, after dark leak, saw emergency procedures kick into gear including booms to try to contain it and the use of chemicals designed to break it down and make it soluble.   A full investigation is currently underway.

– CCTV cameras to be fitted in Pattaya underpass 
The barry boys are in for a surprise as Pattaya mayor plans to install CCTV in the Sukhumvit underpass, in order to register motorbikes which use it illegally.  Famed among the revved up crowd as a place to generate even more noise in the tunnel, road signs clearly show that bikes are NOT allowed to use the underpass, but thousands do.  Big fines are on the way, which will tick off the rental companies too, but perhaps they will dissuade someone from using the highway as a race track.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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