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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (5 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMarch 5, 2024 30

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (5 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– British backpacker arrested for dealing on Thai island 
On Koh Tao, police have nabbed a 36 year old British man accused of dealing in LSD and ecstasy on the island.    Following a tip off, from that concerned citizen again, he was duly caught in possession of his wares and held over the weekend as his 25 E pills, along with 75 doses of LSD were being analyzed. It seems he had been tailed by undercover police for several months as they not only confirmed his crimes but also sought to establish who his suppliers and customers are.. or were.

– British tourist arrested at airport for hit & run 
Another Brit, this time a 31 year old tourist was detained at Phuket airport as he attempted to fly home, as police had issued an APB for him, amid claims that he was involved in a hit and run on Koh Phang Ngan.

– (VIDEO) Swiss doctor kicker involved in ambulance road rage case
Perhaps scared because his visa is about to expire OR from demands from locals that it not be renewed, either way 45 year old Urs Feghr, the Swiss man embroiled in a controversy on Phuket has DENIED kicking a woman sat on beach steps NEAR his rented beachside villa, this despite his own camera snaps showing him screaming at the two to F off.  That then puts the authorities in a bit of a bind as had he complied and admitted responsibility, it could have been dealt with swiftly. NOW, however, according to a Phuket deputy governor in mainstream media news,  the case will go to court.  Arrogance has been blamed by many for his denial, as he admitted his foot came into contact with the beach visitors, but, says he slipped as he rushed toward them.  Hardly a defence really and with the lady being a qualified doctor, he ISN’T dealing with a gormless accuser.  Far from it.   IF charged, and it appears he will be, then when his visa expires, in a week or so, he qualifies for a defendant or SUSPECTS visa, which will allow him to stay until his case.  But WHERE he would stay is up to a judge as, in a previous case, this time of road rage toward an ambulance back on Christmas day, has re-emerged in local media when he pointed his finger, as a gun and pretended to fire at an ambulance he passed.  Daft? For sure as both these incidents were caught on camera.  His Thai wife, meanwhile, has enjoyed an element of security though,  as despite in both cases claiming that she knows people in power who will defend her, she hasn’t, so far, been a target of those going for her husband, both in real life and of course on social media.  All he had to do was to offer a genuine and clearly meant apology and this, well it might have gone away, instead.. There is little doubt that it will reach a courtroom.  Claims, attributed to his wife that he runs an elephant sanctuary at a loss and out of love have been nixed by the finding, by our team, of an interview HE gave, back in 2021 stating that his venture IS profit making, as we reported yesterday, he claimed though that he re invests the profits, he will be hoping for sure that he still has some savings to rely on as lawyers here are not much cheaper than in his homeland.  Thailand’s national police chief plans to dispatch an inspector general to oversee the case and ensure fairness.

– Thai court drops case against former PM Yingluck Shinawatra
With former PM Thaksin Shinawatra now free and living in his villa here, it’s the turn of his sister, Yingluk, also an ex PM and also currently overseas, to see the second case against her dismissed by the supreme court in Bangkok.   With many believing that this could lead to HER return to the fold..  Yingluk still faces charges of dereliction of duty in a rice-pledging programme which caused 50 BILLION baht in losses during her short tenure in office.  That saw a 5 year jail term handed down in her absence, which may slightly curtail her plans to rejoin the family.

– (VIDEO) Angry Brit throws glass towards Thai woman in Pattaya 
Meanwhile at home and in Pattaya, it was the turn of a 37 year old local lady to file charges against a British man who threw a glass at her as she petted local dogs in Jomtien. Seems she was in a so-called Pet Friendly café petting the pooches and they barked.  According to her, the British man was ticked off by the noise and for whatever reason launched a glass bottle in her general direction, before fleeing after he, again her words, offered her money and apologized.  The British man has surrendered himself to police and made a private statement, offering his apology again.  The dog .. is obviously an unreliable witness and so police have to go on a he says, she says situation.

– 3 killed in fatal accident on Pattaya motorway 
A staff driver falling asleep at the wheel has initially been attributed to a sad and  horrific accident on the motorway toward Pattaya when a BMW struck a rest area sign.  Police and medics discovered 4 people trapped in the vehicle, the driver had already lost his life, a  chinese lady and her 2 month old son subsequently passed away from their injuries and only a 5 year old girl survived.   A bereft husband and father, who runs a shipping business here,  was en route to Thailand from a business meeting after being notified.

– Summer storms predicted this week in Thailand 
Summer storms are predicted to see heavy rainfall over the rest of week, covering much of Thailand.  Warnings have been issued for the north east, central and southern provinces and our own region to the east as the MET office expects..  temperatures as high as  38-40  and storms in the gulf that will see warnings to small vessels to remain on the shoreline.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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