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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (5 December 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayDecember 5, 2023 11

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (5 December 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Thailand ranks ‘very low’ in English proficiency test
Thailand’s performance in the annual English Proficiency Index , the measuring stick for English teaching in non English speaking countries, left a lot to be desired and has raised serious concern. 101st out of 113 countries isn’t anything to write home about, in fact the report has its own version of ‘could do better if they tried’,  “very low proficiency”.  The English teaching programs here,  recently offered support by the British ambassador, still see far too many teachers, passing on errors taught to THEM as if they were pupils, making those mistakes inherent.  Sakoon and the like, but for pupils, it’s bad news.  The PM has ordered the education ministry to introduce measures quickly to improve the ratings, with some suggesting a complete rewrite of the curriculum and others wanting a full retraining program for teachers to qualify as English speakers.  Of issue too is the growing number of foreign  English teachers, working here but actually from nations such as the Philippines, and others who are actually NOT qualified in any meaningful way to teach at all

– Son of HM King returns to Thailand
The second son of HM the King of Thailand is back in the country, his second known visit recently.  Reports are that he is here to celebrate fathers day, which honours his late grandfather.  The 42 year old is here for a 2 week stay during which he plans to partake in several charitable events and visit provinces away from the capital.

– 83 Thais evacuated from Myanmar, many arrested
As the civil war in Myanmar, between the army-run junta and resistance fighters hots up again, seeing more battles in recent days. 83 more Thai nationals have been evacuated from Myanmar this week, with many being greeted here BY POLICE.  In those instances they were voluntary workers in scam call centres and those, well they face jail here as many of the scams were carried out ON THAIS via social networking.

– Committee backtracks on 1-month Songkran plans
The committee headed up by Ms. Shinowat has now clarified that despite her wording regarding next year’s Songkran . ”We will not splash water only for three days but the whole month with events to be held nationwide’. That’s now NOT the plan.  Songkran will remain as it is BUT with other cultural events held across the nation to retain interest and promote tourism.  This followed a huge public backlash at the idea, which made little sense, of a month of water throwing.  As Thailand prepares for a drought season soon, which is expected to run through to June, water supply is critical to the economy and people. The committee has, we are told, agreed that next year’s Songkran festival MONTH will promote soft power in various locations.

– German TV expose riles Thai police
Yesterday saw deputy national police chief Hakparn ONCE AGAIN take over an investigation in our region into claims that a German expat had PAID TWO million Baht to evade charges of buying the services of underage teenagers in 2022.  Only recently has social media become aware of a Deutsche Welle TV program, originally broadcast by Nord Deutch rundfunk a year ago, which highlights the seedier side of the city, and  interviews German expats about their shenanigans here, with the one scumbag, now back in his home country, who was arrested here during raids on bars offering the services of youths despite Thai law which sets a minimum age.  He told that he had been charged, was bailed and then assisted in leaving the country.. for a fee.  2 million baht.    He shows documents that he alleges are signed off by those in the highest authority of local law, permitting him to leave Thailand whilst on bail.   Technically, Thailand could request his extradition back here, and that might not be ignored, but of bigger issue are claims that huge amounts of money are being paid, in many cases for those who flaunt the law to evade proper justice. The German was nabbed during a raid on the Cobra beer bar,  where a Thai woman and her British partner were arrested on charges of offering illegal services.  The Brit?  Well it’s now assumed that he evaded justice too.  With a few exceptions, Pattaya businesses are said to have taken extra precautions to ensure that no underage staff are hired BUT until a police register for bar employees is set up, as seems to work in the capital,  those errant few will continue to blight the name of the city.   Of equal issue for the new inquiry appears to be vlogs, often behind paywalls, which offer content which is illegal under Thai law.  Those services, on youtube and social media, appear to bi pass the laws in numerous ways and see people PAYING to CHAT with girls online, and more, along with vlogs that are way beyond the pale.  Either way.. they are all in the headlights of the new enquiry.

– ‘She stole my 200k baht gold bracelet!’ cries sleepy Indian tourist
A drunk Indian tourist claims he was robbed as he lay in a stupor outside a convenience store on Walking St early Monday morning.  Seems he was wearing a gold bracelet valued, by him, at a cool 200K baht, and that disappeared along with his phone.   CCTV does show someone bending over him but whether stealing or checking him for life, it’s not clear.  Meanwhile the reminder remains.. don’t wear your life savings around your neck, or arm, when out and about in a nighttime area, especially if you can’t handle your drink.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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