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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (30 August 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayAugust 30, 2023 28

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (30 August 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya


– Chemical fire at Laem Chabang port
Acid chemicals stored at Laem chabang port are being blamed for a toxic fire yesterday that saw over 180 local employees evacuated and those living nearby warned of the wafting acrid smoke that covered much of the area.  A 9 tonne container inside the deep sea port area is listed as storing organic peroxides and the fire was extinguished within reasonable time but as the gasses continued to fill the air for much of the  day, so locals were advised to seek medical assistance if they became sick, initial reports indicate that there were no serious cases.

– Move Forward Party complains over ‘smear campaign’ against Rayong candidate
As the election for a replacement MP in Rayong is underway, the Move forward party complains of what they refer to as a smear campaign against their candidate.  The first election since the general one is seeing all parties pulling out the stops to win the seat in voting due to take place September 10th after the elected MP resigned after his criminal conviction as a youngster was widely publicized.

– Fuel Fund executive committee seeks to continue diesel tax subsidy
The Fuel Fund executive committee will recommend that the current diesel tax subsidy be continued by the new government and specifically the new Energy minister.  The program is set up to FIX retail prices for commercial diesel, used by trucks, at a max of 32 baht a litre, thus propping up transport businesses and helping to keep retail prices down. With the current subsidy rate approaching 5,65 baht a litre, were the program to be dropped, the cost increase would have a serious roll on effect.

– Investigations continue into loan scam after man slays family
As we reported yesterday on the Thai man who took the lives of his wife and two children in Samut prakan, following an overload of debts due to scammers, police have now discovered transaction records from his wife’s phone showing the scam did indeed exist.   Transfers to 8 different accounts BY her are being investigated and those account holders, whether criminal or simply account MULEs, paid for the use of their accounts, face arrest. The money though, according to police, was quickly withdrawn and resent overseas.  Police this week found the lifeless remains of a wife and two young sons in the same home where they also found the father who had tried to take his own life, unsuccessfully. That home which the family feared would be repossessed after the father had cosigned a loan for an erstwhile pal, who subsequently defaulted.

– Weed Boxing Championship canceled 
News of the weird is coming from Koh Samui where Muay Thai officials managed to nix plans for a boxing championship where, according to failed promoters, all contestants would have to smoke a joint of ganga before competing.  The Weed Boxing championship has been slated by those in the sport as, apart from possible legal issues, it would be dangerous to all taking part.

– 30 Malaysians rescued from rough seas as kayaks capsize 
And 30 daft Malaysians were picked up by Thai marine services after taking part in a group kayak marathon from their home country to Thailand’s Satu province, on the ocean, during a period of heavy storm warnings.  18 men and 12 women were hauled aboard the rescuing vessels, Minus their flimsy floats after predicted high waves and rough seas saw most if not all end up swimming for their lives.  45 provinces across Thailand are on storm watch today through to next week according to the met office which warns of high rainfall, high waves in the bay and strong undercurrents.

– 13 Vietnamese nabbed in Pattaya based online gambling operation
13 Vietnamese were arrested near third road during an early morning raid this week, after authorities received information that they were running an online gambling operation from 3 hotel rooms.   Nabbed along with 25 laptops and 58 mobile phones, the odds are.. that they don’t have a leg to stand on.

– Pattaya police to monitor beach following gang shooting
Pattaya beach is set to return to its normal safe state now as additional police teams are walking the beat, checking groups of youngsters, if thought to look suspicious, for weapons and more.  Following the weekend outbreak between two rival gangs that saw two injured.. Police are determined that the promenade and beaches WILL remain safe and enjoyable for all.  Hand held scanners are being carried by the teams to frisk those who appear dubious.

– Blaze at Pattaya Condo 
The Banglamung fire brigade was called to a fire at a 24 storey condo building last night after a fire broke out in a 9th floor room.   The 7.30 in the evening blaze saw residents all safely evacuated as teams doused flames in the unoccupied rooms. Thai media tells us that the room OWNER has told them that there were no appliances left plugged and a forensics team will inspect today to establish the cause.

– Ladyboy spots spy cams in foreigners room 

And a damsel of the night, actually a member of the third gender, has told Thai media this week of her close escape from a man who hired her online for her services.  Seems the ladyboy entered the room of a man, purporting to be  45 yr old Frenchman, only to note as she prepared for the event, that not one but two spy cameras had been set up in the room.  The 27 year old was quick to snap her own pics, as proof before leaving quickly despite her punters wishes, and of course without compensation but highlighting the dangers of online pay for pleasure services for sure.  With one camera hidden in a bag, and the other clipped to the tv, both were clearly aimed at the bed.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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