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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (30 April 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayApril 30, 2024 6

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (30 April 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Six arrested in call-center scam gang raid 
Six people, including a Chinese, believed to be operating a call centre scam operating in the capital, have been arrested following a months long investigation into their dealings, with Thai media telling us that assets to the tune of 42 million baht have been seized.  Using a fake facebook page, pretending to be police authorities, they had also persuaded locals to open so-called mule bank accounts for them, in return for a fee.  Those accounts were then used to collect payment from their marks.  It’s believed this raid was as a result of others during which arrestees had made statements that outlined the hierarchy in their operation.

– Navy on standby to rescue Thais from Myanmar conflict
The Royal Thai navy has confirmed that vessels remain in the Andaman sea ready to recover Thai nationals from Myanmar when civil war continues.  Were the war to escalate OR affect regions close to the shores, navy teams are prepared to take Thais to safety.  The battles there though HAVE subsided somewhat from the high levels last week, but with many claiming that it is just a temporary ull as nationalists regroup ahead of future action against government forces.

– Online purchases from overseas to see extra charges
For those purchasing ONLINE from overseas a warning as the customs department here plans to start charging consumers VAT on goods ordered from overseas addresses.  Delays in delivery apart, it’s worth noting that on the popular online buying platforms, Lazada and the like, it’s easy to see if your chosen BUY is coming from China or a domestic supplier, and likely now more and more will click the LOCAL button to get their goods faster.  The real issue is of course that vendors WITHIN Thailand HAVE to charge taxes whereas, to date, those abroad do not.  Either way.. prepare for delays.

– French expat takes her own life at home in Thailand
On Samui, a local French expat business lady is believed to have taken her own life after carefully ensuring that much of her considerable estate passes to her housekeeper and NOT to a former spouse.  Found aside the swimming pool at her home, with a hand weapon nearby, police believe that she DID take her own life and post mortem reports will be released TO them next week.    Carefully planning ahead, and with staff salaries paid somewhat in advance, there was no sign of forced entry.  The possession OF the handgun was apparently allowed after a series of break ins at her residence.

– Saltwater ingress in Thai rivers causes concern 
Officials are keenly monitoring all major rivers close to the ocean as reports of salt water ingress become common.  As rivers, such as the Chao praya in the capital , feed domestic water supplies after filtration, the taste of salt has become prominent.  Salt ingress is often seen here, and globally after sea water travels underground, rising from under rivers during droughts.  Not in any way dangerous, the taste, though, isn’t appealing but for shower, laundry and the like.. its passable.

– Wheels moving to remove cadmium waste 
Trucks are rolling now to remove the cadmium waste discovered in dumps around this province and around the capital BACK to where it came from.   Under police scrot, the fleet headed toward Tak Province and the pre approved storage facility there.  It is expected that the former handlers will be overseen as they arrange for its safe disposal. THIS as several involved are expected to face charges of illegal hazardous waste disposal.

– Crypto mining devices seized in electricity theft case
Mining cryptocurrency ISN’T illegal really, but it does take an awful lot of electricity to keep the computers running.  That was highlighted this week during raids near the capital  where over 650 mining devices were running.  The power from the electricity company was, however, being stolen.  A switch in cabling at the meters saw their demand officially reduced but really increased and it’s believed that they stole upwards of 5 million baht worth before being closed down.  The mining systems are believed to have been imported without permits from China and sold to investors who then PAID them to run them for them.

– Thailand’s beaches deserted amid extreme heatwave 
Nationally, the numbers on beaches here are dwindling due to.. too much sun and heat.  Yesterday’s highs in some areas well over 40 degrees made the weather unbearable even for the sun overs and have seen sweating beach vendors down on their income. No real sign of things changing on the weather front though and the advisory remains to drink plenty of water and wear a hat to avoid sunstroke.  This as medical facilities continue to report high numbers of patients suffering.  Swimming pools too are less than comfortable in many cases as the water temperatures are high by mid afternoon.

– Passing of ‘Big Chilli’ magazine founder Colin Hastings
Sad news from the Bang Saray region as police reports tell us of the passion of 74 year old Colin Hastings, well known as the founder of the Big Chilli magazine some 30 years ago and based in the capital. A well known and gregarious ex-pat of over 40 years, including stints with national press here.  It is believed that he became ill whilst driving and as a result crashed his car in a single vehicle accident.  Despite the best of onsite care he was found to be beyond recovery.  Popular in his favoured local haunts as much as in Bangkok, Colin’s   journalistic legacy will without doubt continue as a tribute to his life.  A member of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Thailand , he was one of the few here to arrive WITH a history of journalistic experience in the UK which served him well in developing the popular Big Chilli.  Developing and maintaining high standards of publishing here, in any form of media requires considerable determination and commitment, something which was evident in every publication.

– Rental houses under investigation by Pattaya authorities 
An undercover team visited a house for rent on a daily basis, pretending to be teenage renters and securing an agreement before other officers arrived at the scene.  This followed numerous complaints from neighbours that the house rental contravened the hotel act AND was causing issues at night when no one could sleep due to constant music and noise.  The Banglamung home was NOT the first to see a similar complaint BUT, we are told, other houses and renters are being investigated too.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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