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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (29 April 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayApril 29, 2024 6

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (29 April 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Thai foreign minister quits after cabinet reshuffle
It appears that one of Thailand’s deputy PMs wasn’t impressed when he was removed from THAT post in the recent government reshuffle,  he resigned at the weekend from his major position of Foreign minister. During his tenure, he claims, he spearheaded the management of all issues regarding the effect of the Myanmar war on the borders, secured the release of Thais from the war areas adjacent to Israel AND was the instigator of visa exemptions for several nations.  Thanking the PM for the chance to serve, he quit from all and every committee but will remain an MP.

– Thai fishing boat catches fire & sinks, nine crew rescued
Nine crew were safely recovered from a fishing trawler after IT caught fire whilst refueling on KOH PHANG NGAN. Called in to emergency services, the vessel subsequently sunk and will have to be recovered in order that the offshore refueling location can operate without hindrance. 5 injured crewmen were hospitalized after the rescue by the navy.

– Former google employee speaks out after intoxicated attack on cop 
A Thai woman who kicked a traffic policeman in the head as she was escorted from her Mercedes benz after being found to be intoxicated in the capital HASN’T admitted that she was three sheets to the wind, OR that she laid into the Police lieutenant colonel BUT the former google employee, nowadays SELF EMPLOYED, DOES deny that in the past she had been nabbed, for similar offences in the past, as records suggest.

– Thai traffic cop loses his life to speeding taxi 
A 54 yr old police officer lost HIS life at the weekend as he directed traffic around a marathon run.  6 in the morning saw a taxi fly through the cordon and strike him, before finally coming to a halt.  Testing at 4-5 times the legal alcohol limit, the errant cabbie told plice that he was NOT drunk and was on his way home after a Private party with friends.  He now faces charges of vehicular manslaughter.

– Thai province to run out of water in 1 week if dry spell continues 
According to at least one businessman on Krabi, if there is NO rain for the next 7-8 days, the island will have no water for supply.  It seems even the company that was pumping IN water to businesses there has quit since last week, presumably due to a lack of water at his mainland source.

– High temperatures and dry weather results in fires
Right now, smog levels are at an all time low in our area, that isn’t the case in many areas where fires were being fought in woodland at the weekend.  With vehicles NOT fitted with ash trays any more here, smokers often throw them from the wind and that, in many cases IS responsible for fires that start on roadsides.  Realistically, the continued hot weather has left most of the country tinder dry and easily set aflame.  Authorities have asked that the public report any fires, even small ones as they have a good chance of spreading out of control

– Doped-up British-Thai man arrested for car smash in Pattaya 
Three in the morning Sunday, Police arrested a 24 yr old British-Thai man  after he crashed into a row of parked motorbikes.  The breath test revealed that HE was over the limit but, for him, worse was to come as police took as evidence bags containing WHITE POWDER.  As the bike owner, none of whom was injured, vented their anger, so he admitted to having taken ketamine and alcohol and his memory of his display of driving skills was, he said, blurred.

– Yacht goes up in flames during test run in Jomtien 
Poor engine servicing has been blamed for Friday’s explosion and fire on board a private, but expensive sailing vessel just off Jomtien beach.  Seems it sailed out from the marina for a TEST RUN after repairs only to chunder black flames across the bay.  Rescue teams recovered all on board without incident as others attempted to douse the flames.

– 6,000 US Navy members depart Pattaya after weekend break
Sunday saw the US Navy carrier leaving Laem Chabang after essential repairs that saw serving members enjoying a 4 day shore leave in the city.  As is always the case, those going offshore attended advisory presentations that outlined the importance of decent behaviour and that was evident as zero reports of any incidents other than fun and enjoyment.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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