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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (27 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayNovember 27, 2023 13

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (27 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– 18 Thais remain hostages in Gaza 
18 Thai hostages remain held by Hamas in Gaza following the release of most amid those exchanged during a temporary ceasefire.  All Thais released have received medical checkups and been housed whilst adjusting and deciding IF they wish to return here or remain in Israel.   Much of the work done to include the release has been via Malaysian counterparts.

– Thai lion air flight catches fire in mid-air 
Thai lion air launched a full investigation over the weekend into a plane which departed Don muang airport Friday only for the engine house on one side to become detached as smoke emitted from the engine.  Quick-thinking pilots shut down the engine, automating the in-built extinguishers as they flew back to the airport for a landing that was greeted by emergency services.   No injuries and no major fire was discovered however the cause of the incident has yet to be confirmed

– Thailand sees mass cancelation of flights from China 
The civil aviation authority has confirmed that some 46% of flights previously booked for entry into THAI airports FROM China have been cancelled for the coming month, and a further 32% ALREADY FOR JANUARY, WITH THAT FIGURE EXPECTED TO RISE. THE RECESSION WITHIN CHINA, has been blamed for the drop which was unexpected by authorities who hoped that numbers would return to those prior to the covid era.  Reality is that they actually reflect less than 40% and aren’t seen to be rising.  A firm boost to marketing in other countries is underway and Europeans are waiting to see IF the discussed plans to extend visiting times to 3 months from one without a visa, currently on offer to Chinese, will be extended to them too.

– Thai teen forges bank app receipts to get free hotel stay 
And the latest of scams for the cashless society was revealed in Chachoengsao  where a 15 yr old girl stayed in a local rooming house, paying with her bank phone app, but actually didn’t.  Instead of actually transferring the money, which it appears she didn’t have, she showed staff a screenshot that had been pre-prepared.  It was only later that the owner spotted that the TRANSFER ID numbers were identical.  With charges filed, the rooming house owner told the errant teen that these woud drop the charges IF the student’s family converted her debt.

– Weed shops raided in crackdown
Raids on unlicensed Marijuana and Kratom sellers have been reported in several areas of the country this past week.  The latest in Chiang Rai where 80 customers in their teens and twenties were found consuming whatever by police.  The major issue appears to be outlets WITHOUT proof of actual licensing, with some having nothing and others having RECEIPTS for their applications.

– Groom shoots wife and family at wedding party
In Nakhon Ratchasima what started out as the happiest day of a new brides life, turned to disaster as her bridegroom went through with the ceremony only, at the party later, to grab his weapon and fire, leaving his new wife and several of her family beyond recovery before turning the gun on himself.    The ex ranger, on disability due to an injury received during his service had lived for 3 years with his then partner before tying the knot.  No word on the cause.

– Jail escapee’s video clips go viral 
The southern provincial gangster who escaped custody whilst in hospital, before later evading police again in a remote area where they tried to corner him. It appears to be bating authorities as he posted video clips online claiming that he was the subject of a breach of justice by .. well pretty much anyone in authority there.   Refusing to hand himself in, he has highlighted several issues which are being checked out but IS on police’s top wanted list following his organized escape AND 3 man defence against the armed police who tried later to catch him.

– Loy Krathong in Thailand 
Today is the festival of Loy Krathong in Thailand, and much of Asia, traditionally seeing people of all ages floating their decorated Kratongs on rivers and even the ocean, in the belief that they are seeking forgiveness from the goddesses of the river and a revival of good fortune for the coming year.   Compared to years ago, the use of polystyrene has dropped to a negligible level as most use only natural fibres, however river and streams blockages will likely take teams months to clear.  Still worthwhile to take part, enjoy a festive evening atmosphere and take part.  Best locations locally are the seafront AND the lakes, such as Maprachan, which has two venues, easy to spot, both offering entertainment too.

– Health officials target pharmacies selling prescription only drugs 
Local health officials are zooming in on pharmacies here either selling prescription only drugs, over the counter OR operating stores without an online pharmacist, as is required under law. 4 chemists have already been raided and stock removed, others, we are told, are under investigation as an undercover team first go in to buy their chosen pill, then having secured the transaction, call in the teams to carry out a raid.

– Motorbike taxi WANTED for charging 1,600 baht fare
Pattaya police are firmly aware of the identity of a NON LICENCED motor cycle taxi driver who set his rate at 1600 baht for the ride from Sukhumvit to the fireworks.  The tale, backed up by money transfer details, quickly caught on with Thai social media and has seen the city mayor himself ordering that the errant operator be questioned.   It’s pretty obvious that with the heavy traffic, rates would rise for the two day festival, some paying perhaps 500 for the same ride but this chap for certain thought he could remain anonymous, forgetting that the customer scanned to pay.

 – Heartbroken tourist throws cash from balcony before threatening to jump
In the Soi Buakhao area, a Korean man needed special help from authorities as he threw thousands of baht from a building before threatening to jump.  Holding a knife he ranted for several hours before being talked down from his planned self launch.   Police ascertained that he had been tricked by a woman who had PERSUADED him to invest in a local business.   He was taken for evaluation and is due to fly home this week.  No word on how the business is progressing.

– Thousands attend Pattaya Firework Festival 
The weekend fireworks displays were amazing and attended by tens of thousands who, it seemed, all arrived in vehicles as traffic was, simply put, a nightmare.  Despite temporary one way systems being introduced to see vehicles reach the Sukhumvit quickly after the shows, it was chaos.  With several reporting that it took upward of three hours to even reach the beach area for the Sukhumvit BEFORE the shows, leaving saw the same trip take even longer.  Good points?  The displays, from around the globe, were stunningly amazing, crowds well behaved and police teams NOT needing to be greatly involved. Poorer points were the lack of toilet facilities, causing many serious inconveniences and some deck chair vendors making out huge areas on the beach, to which they have no entitlement, in order to charge for seats.  That, at least, was knocked on the head by authorities.  All in all a major achievement for the city and, as said, super well attended.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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