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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (26 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMarch 26, 2024 3

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (26 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Fatal shooting at Thai hospital 
When a BKK doctor filed for divorce last week, she had been unsuccessful in negotiating with her soon-to-be ex, so much so that despite his numerous requests to resolve their issues in the under one-year marriage, they still had issues to settle.  He then went to her workplace and confronted her yesterday and, afterwords, she left the treatment room, only for him to shoot himself in the chest.  She and medics attempted to revive him, to no avail AND a police enquiry is underway.   Reported in Thai media to have been an investment broker, he had apparently begged her to give their relationship a second chance.  No word on the reason for the breakup.

– Thaksin meets with key Phua Thai MP’s 
Now benefiting from a rapid recovery and minus wheelchair, sling and neck cast, former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s latest move appears to be to meet with key Phua Thai MPs this week, despite, allegedly, having no involvement in current politics,  with his daughter’s fast tracked career seeing HER now leading the party, but not as PM, it’s been stated that every Pheu Thai MP and party member wanted to meet him, something difficult to arrange at his home and that there is no political significance to his plans.

– Will Thailand see a clampdown on motorbike rentals?
On Phuket, the case against New Zealand nationals Hamish and Mattson Day has, according to locals, gone quiet since international news coverage revealed their assault on a police officer who attempted to stop them as they rode dangerously, grappling the officer to the ground and taking control of his handgun.  Last week, multiple charges were listed against the duo, sons of a wealthy Kiwi family, and saw their parents dubbing them “naughty boys”.  This week sees many asking IF, as has been reported, neither had valid motorbike licenses, then WILL the rental company be fined or closed down for illegally renting to them?  With over a decade of promises by various authorities to clamp down on bike renters, the issue remains that had they caused an accident involving another person or property, then there would be no valid insurance to cover costs.  Both have high profile jobs in their home country but that wouldn’t necessarily see either able OR WILLING to compensate and in the cases the bank of Mum and Dad doesn’t exist.  SO, will authorities clamp down on rental companies?  Well, they haven’t in the past for sure.

– Thailand delays 10,000 baht handout scheme to 4th quarter
A deputy PM has told the press that the much derided and constantly delayed promise of 10K baht handouts to those on lower incomes, via a digital wallet WILL be in place by year end.  Initially promised for the start of the year, shunned by many and delayed by funding issues.  A committee is said to be meeting April 10th to finalise a plan that would see local retailers able to register for the scheme which is promised to give credit to the majority of the country, for purchases within a short distance of their homes.

– Govt eyes wage raises for workers in 10 tourism provinces
This as a meeting THIS week of a tripartite committee is set to moot NEWLY proposed minimum daily pay rates for 10 provinces where tourism is a key income provider.  If approved, the change could still be minimal as in most staff work for way above basic wages as employers compete for staff.  Our region along with the capital, Chaing mai, Rayong, Surat thani and several southern areas may all be set to see minimum daily wage hikes announced this week.

– “Big Joke” to travel to UK amid gambling website investigation
With Thailand’s FORMER deputy police chief Hakparn due to fly this week for a visit to the UK with his family, it’s been clarified that he will of course have a return ticket and plans that HE, with or without his family, will return within a week as an investigation continues into whether he is in any way implicated in an online gambling network which rocked the nation as numerous top officials have been named as benefiting from payoffs. With many claiming that he has been tarred with the same brush as these guilty ERRONEOUSLY, with the intent of nixing his chances of becoming national police chief later this year, all are waiting on the investigation outcome which may be completed as soon as end of May.

– Nigerian busted at Bangkok airport with 4.1 million baht of narcotics 
A Nigerian man was arrested by Customs officials at Suvarnabhumi Airport on Monday for smuggling 4.1 million baht worth of cocaine… inside his stomach.  The obviously uncomfortable arrivee was taken to one side and once officials deemed him to be tanked up, he was encouraged to pass the contents of his stomach, in the normal way.  End result – 69 condoms all packed with cocaine.  With him not expected to see the light of day for decades, he will be spilling all he knows to authorities who found out quickly WHO he was supposed to deliver them to.

– Construction development company to clear overdue salaries next month
Leading Thai Construction company  Italian-Thai Development Plc  has undertaken to the Ministry of labour, to make every effort to avail itself of funds that will cover outstanding salaries  by the end of next month.   For 66 years the group, founded by a Thai and Italian  has led the market here, surviving numerous crisis throughout the decades and experts are speculating as to whether their recent issues are as a result of economic trends that have so far NOT been discussed in the media.    The group though, we are told, has various funding options to review as it has always been seen as a solid investment and a front line player in Thailand’s property development.

– Good news for rice farmers in Thailand 
Good news for rice farmers  who have seen a drop in annual crop count and yield as the ministry of agriculture is seeking a 34 billion baht budget to supply fertilizer directly to smallholders who otherwise are seen as cutting back on replenishing their field, which results in ever lower yields.  Over 4.5 MILLION rice growers could benefit from the plan that would see them handed up to one ton of fertilizer, based on their land size.

– Pattaya bustling despite low season 
Meanwhile at home and with the continued string of weekly events in the city, combined with planning ahead for Songkran, hoteliers report up to 90% room bookings despite this being the start of the so-called LOW season.  That then has seen prices remain at their standard rate, in most cases, and no room for low season discounts.  Domestic tourism of course makes up the bulk of the numbers and a check on accommodation often favoured by  international tourists found , Songkran period aside, plenty of deals available. This is planned to be a super special Songkran period for sure, and has also seen many expats returning to the old habit of booking to travel elsewhere to avoid the traffic and more here.

– Low water pressure in Pattaya homes
Water supplies to homes and businesses have, we are told, never been cut this year BUT pressure is so low that in many cases it cant reach upper level rooms, for much of the day.  Despite complaints, the pressure has remained low for weeks now, seeing many back to filling waste bins in bathrooms to have water for showers and flushing.    It doesn’t SAVE water either really as when pressure does rise, those storage tanks all have to be filled back up, but no word on when the water company will see supplies back to normal.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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