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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (25 April 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayApril 25, 2024 4

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (25 April 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Myanmar government army takes back much of region
As the Thai government monitors battles adjacent to the border but within Myanmar, so Burmese media is reporting that the government army there has taken back much of the region previously won in battles by nationalists.  The number of refugees inside the Thai line has dropped from a weekend high of 3000 to just 1000 as most felt it safe to return home, however, Thai medics are still working through day and night in facilities set up to aid those with injuries. This as Thai officials are quoted as saying that the situation is volatile and needs to be assessed on an hourly basis,  as Thai military units remain on this side of the border to observe.

– Foreign suspects wanted for dismemberment of fellow countryman
Following the grim discovery of numerous plastic bags containing human limbs, Nonthaburi police have held a Thai man who previously told them that he was an unwilling participant, hired by two Japanese gangsters as a driver.  The deceased, now believed to have also been a Japanese gangster, is said to have had a falling out in his own country, leading to the two henchmen coming here to give him a final ultimatum which, it appears, he didn’t heed.  According to police reports, the two used a handgun initially before dividing him, placing the result into rubbish bags which were then dumped around the area. A local child made the first discovery, his mother called police who scoured the area, finding several others. The Thai man has been charged and warrants issued for the two Japanese, seeing immigration on alert if they attempt to leave the country BUT, chances are they have already fled. The two Japanese suspects have criminal records and are also wanted by Japanese authorities.

– 8 cops accused of chicken factory extortion 
Reports to authorities by a chicken processing factory in Nakhon Pathom led to the suspension of EIGHT local cops who have been accused of extortion.  According to the factory owner, they raided her business, claimed that he was employing illegal immigrants, despite his having documentation for all and demanding 200K Baht to MAKE IT GO AWAY.  When that got no response they negotiated down to a meagre 15K, which would have seen each get just under 2,000 baht.  The wily business lady arranged for the cash handover to be filmed, that went on social media and if confirmed, all 8 will be in need of new jobs, perhaps not in the poultry industry.

– British tourist fined for car joyride on Thai beach
Stupid is as stupid does, and this week’s award for stupidity goes to.. a British tourist on Phuket who rented a Fortuna, and took it for a spin, on a public beach and of course got stuck in the sand.  Police were kind, they assisted in securing a tow company before duly fining him and ordering him to compensate the rental company to the tune of 20K baht. The 26 year old did not make a public statement.

– Chiang Mai ranked as 3rd worst air quality in the world 
Chiang Mai was ranked as having the third worst air quality in the world yesterday as smog remains a huge issue there.  Beaten only by Calcutta and Cairo, the normally beautiful tourist favoured city saw it so bad that airport lanes had limited visibility during landing.   By mid day the levels improved, just slightly, seeing the city reduced to 5th globally.

– Opium & magic mushrooms approved for medical treatment in Thailand
The Thai Public Health Ministry has approved the use of Opium and so called magic mushrooms for medical treatment and research.  Announced in the Royal Gazette, the changes mean that, previously restricted , they CAN be used legally by medical practitioners.  Opium, once the favourites of dens a hundred years ago and a major source of money from illegal exports is now a class 5 drug..  and no, that doesn’t mean shops will pop up selling it.

– Warning for drivers in Pattaya 
A reminder to those driving on the east side of the city that despite driving habits, those ON the railway road either side do NOT have the right of way.  Sometimes worn markings remain clear at all intersections for those ON THE MAIN RAILWAY ROAD to give way to those crossing.  For whatever reason, habitually and for years, drivers crossing the railway have and do give way BUT, as was seen in the last week, others don’t and speeding through crossroads leading to one expat recently needing ICU treatment.  Slowing down, looking carefully or fully coming to a stop.. is the law.

– Songkran Festival hailed a huge success 
Despite the moans and groans of some, the wan lai festival and indeed Songkran as a whole has been hailed as a success.  Sadly, many seem to dwell on the number of petty crimes, pickpocketing and the like but warnings are always issued to the public to protect their valuables. Either way, a few phones aside, all got home safely and plans are already afoot for a similar, if not better, event next year.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (24 April 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

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