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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (24 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayNovember 24, 2023 9

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (24 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Chinese tourism in Thailand drops despite visa waiver
Disappointment reigns in the travel sector here as reports on the number of Chinese tourists arriving, despite a visa waiver, have shown an unexpected DROP.   Mainstream Thai media tells that several flights FROM china have been cancelled due to a lack of demand.   The visa free program was intended to BOOST tourism here but it seems many Chinese are becoming thrifty whilst others are choosing different destinations.  Either way..  the number still remains considerable, 10 thousand a day on average.

– One year ban on gun carrying licenses in Thailand
It’s official, deputy PM Anutin has signed an order that bans the issuance or renewal of licenses to carry guns anywhere in the country.  The recent spate of gun related crimes is said to be just ONE of the many factors that have sped up the ban process. The ban, for 12 months, is intended to allow the state to reevaluate the situation and evaluate the success, if any, of such a ban, which does NOT apply to military, police or authorized state officials.   The ban legally goes into effect once posted in the Royal Gazette, however an advance order has been sent out to all provincial governors. This is NOT a ban on issuing gun licenses but a ban on issuing licenses to carry LOADED guns in public places.  A gun license from application approval takes around 3 months in Thailand and it’s a one license, one gun system, so each weapon requires its own license.  The ban may also be extended to replica weapons.

– Chiang Mai airport reschedules 160 flights over Loy Krathong festival 
At the request of airlines, Chiang Mai airport has rescheduled or written off some 160 flights next week as the region celebrates the Lantern festivals of Loy Krathong.  Night time flights are most affected as in the past there have been issues with paper lanterns, lit by festival goes, reaching the heights were planes fly.  Passengers are being advised by their agencies of any change to schedule, this despite a ban on fireworks and lanterns within 3 miles of the airport itself.

– Songkhla man on prison release shoots family
In Songkhla, one young daughter of a local drug dealer is on life support after he shot and killed his wife and other daughter. With word from neighbours that the couple had had a recent falling out, police who attended the scene believe he first shot his wife and then both daughters before turning the weapon on himself.  He was reportedly on prison release and wearing a monitoring bracelet to track his movements.   How he came into possession of a weapon has been questioned by authorities.

– Thai senator accused of 300 million baht money laundering & international crime
The Narcotics Control Board has successfully frozen close to 300 MILLION baht’s worth of assets belonging to a Thai senator accused of money laundering and international crime.  The seizure was pre approved, allowing the office to take control of 28 bank accounts and 30 land title deeds.  Last year saw his primary bank account frozen after claims that he was involved with an international drug cartel operator and, according to reports, had transferred some 600 MILLION baht to overseas accounts. The senator, who denies all charges, remains in his governmental position following a senate vote that gave him immunity during term.

– Immigration clampdown on foreign criminals in Thailand 
Immigration review reports this week show that several major foreign criminals have been detained.  One, a Russian who allegedly laundered some 1.6 billion baht  and another a group of Pakistanis who sold fake visas to Europe. The visa fakers, operating in the capital, were nabbed after an undercover operation saw one ordered and proven to be fake, and it is now known that they were regularly processing fake documents for travel.   A further case involved the arrest of an Italian who, in his home country had robbed an aging blind man and his disabled wife of 28K EUROS before fleeing police there.

– Tourist jumps from 45th floor following argument with girlfriend 
When an Indian tourist in his 20s came here with his pals for a holiday, he didn’t expect, perhaps, that his girlfriend back home would know where he was.  Either way, they had a heated long distance phone call just before midnight Wednesday.  So heated, that he took himself up to the 45th floor of a condo building in South Pattaya, and jumped. Afraim Joy was, according to his pals, 2 days into his vacation when he took his own life.  The Indian embassy has been duly informed and a full post mortem arranged in the capital, as is standard procedure here.

– Will ALL Pattaya Roadworks be completed by March 2024? 
Pattaya city officials promise that all road works will be completed by March 2024. This as numerous people complained at a meeting of the continued turtle speed of repairs and renovations.  How likely is that goal to be achieved?  Well, it does depend on how you define completion.  In Soi Chaiyapruek 2, where for a year the road has been dug, re dug, filled, refilled and kerbing installed for footpaths, those footpath remain craters and dangerous to all, yet appear to have been forgotten, leaving businesses with little in the way to attract custom.  Our own studio has seen its front doors remain closed FOR A YEAR to avoid the filth and debris on the unfinished street front.  For others in the city, it’s single lane traffic delays,  poorly designed road finishes and plans that instead of speeding up traffic delays have created more tailbacks.  The Pattaya Business and Tourism Association highlighted numerous issues,  and the deputy mayor told them that the delays were due to a wish to NOT disrupt tourism by not working weekends or.. in the case of Chaiyapruek 2 it seems, any day with a Y in it.

– International firework displays this weekend in Pattaya
International firework displays along the frontage Friday and Saturday will welcome thousands of visitors to see what is promised to be a spectacular display from numerous nations,  fun for sure but parking will, as we mentioned yesterday, be difficult.  Best to park away from the city and take transport in.

DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

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Written by: Megan Midget

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