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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (23 June 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayJune 23, 2023 16

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (23 June 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

Man wanted for opening fire at golf caddy girlfriend 
Kanchanaburi police were yesterday searching for a GOLFER, who swapped his iron for a handgun at a local course.  Seems the 54 yr old Thai man had a falling out with his erstwhile girlfriend, a former caddie, and shot her twice.  She survived, however, the 67 yr old course manager wasn’t so lucky.  The angry man fled in his Bangkok registered SUV and later turned off his phone to avoid being caught.  The woman was last night being treated in a local hospital, no word on the cause BUT locals claim there was a love triangle between the three.

Digital platforms in Thailand face new transparency law
Digital platforms which link buyers and sellers will be required to supply a state agency with transaction details following the approval of a new law that has now been published.   Whilst this doesn’t apply to regular company websites, such as ABC selling widgets that they themselves retail, it DOES apply to intermediary platforms, such as shopping channels and social media companies that allow vendors to advertise and sell their wares.  Much of the detail that will be reported refers to volume of sales and vendor details which, in turn, could well lead to those vendors being checked to see that taxes have been paid on their revenue.  This new law applies to platforms outside Thailand who allow trade here equally with those who are Thai based.

Chinese national suspect in fake loan scam nabbed at Thai airport
The Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau sent officers to the main Bangkok airport this week to nab a Chinese national attempting to flee Thailand.  Said to be one of the bosses of an illegal online money lending operation that scammed over 400 people, the arrest followed interviews with some 50 chinese arrestees from previous raid who have made, in many cases, statements implicating others.    Borrowers were approved for loans, asked to pay the up front arrangement fee, along with the first payment, and then.. never paid the loan proceeds. Her husband and another Chinaman had already escaped Thailand and following her arrest she admitted the crime, stating that they converted proceeds into digital currency, crypto, which they then sold on at a discount in a laundry style operation.

Space travelers could be dining on Thai chicken soon
Astronauts could soon be dining on Thai meals according to major brand CP who report that they have been working with global partners to create food dishes, of thai chicken, suitable for travel and consumption up in space.  How spicy?  Well we have yet to see the recipe but rigorous controls have been met and dishes created, ahead of a planned meeting with global space authorities.

Thailand developing swappable battery packs for electric vehicles
With the popularity, globally, waiting for battery powered vehicles, often due to battery life and inconvenience of charging, Thai tech experts are looking at.. replaceable batteries.  The concept, initially for bikes, is that riders would drop off their battery pack at a vending machine and pick up a fully charged one.  Not maybe ideal for the larger car packs but for bikes, well, it might well work. There certainly is a drive by the state to promote electric motorbikes, the cost is of course higher than petrol ones but this latest convenience might see sales improve.

Overstaying Algerian tries to fool Immigration by dressing as… a woman
SHE was a HE.. an Algerian national, here on a visa overstay, dressed in a frock, wig and makeup when immigration officers went to nab him.  The 38 yr old, caught in the capital,  claimed that he dressed that way on a regular basis to avoid standing out from the crowd and being caught.  Nevertheless he will be deported, presumably as a  man.

Monorails for Pattaya 
Meanwhile at home, and the fourth of a series of public hearings on the proposed overhead monorail project was held this week, seeing the city fathers planning for 3 lines, the first extending from Pattaya’s railways station near Soi Siam road, over Pattaya north road, along second road and ending at the bali hai area.  The proposal reports that the new hi speed rail link stops at the current railway station, and the monorail program will afford plenty of parking along the route to reduce traffic in the city.  At close to 10 KM in length, and 13 stops, that could, according to the planners, be completed as early as 2026, with others far in the future.

Street beggars on the up in Pattaya
The issue of street beggars has risen its head here again in Pattaya.  Returning after the covid era the numbers are rising and usually non thais, often carrying toddlers to hit the heart strings of passers by.    City hall has received numerous complaints and as a result a week long check on those with begging bowls has seen many removed from the streets, with the intention of deportation.   Quite often the blind can see, the deaf can hear and the mutes can sing, however their acts, combined with the time sharing of toddlers and babies by beggars is of concern to social and health experts here.

Thais under investigation for trafficking camps & mass graves 
In neighbouring Malaysia, courts there will host hearings against 3 Thais accused of being involved with human tracking camps in Malaysia, where people had paid to be guided through Burma and Thailand to that country for work.  Camps were discovered, along with mass burial sites, similar to those found in Thailand 8 years ago.

Politician’s drunken relative apologizes for attacking emergency responder 
And the drunk who punched an emergency responder out to the east of the city has apologized for his stupidity yesterday after being ordered to attend a meeting in a police station. The responder was sent out to an accident and was doing his job when the local yob, related to a local bigwig, turned up berated him and then punched him in the head.  No word on compensation but the brute was fined 500 baht and apologized directly to the responder and authorities.  It’s likely that his well place cousin encouraged him to do the decent thing.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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