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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (22 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayNovember 22, 2023 12

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (22 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

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– Importation of iguanas banned in Thailand
A total ban on the import of iguanas, popular as pets, has been implemented by the state as of this week.   This as the numbers here have seriously increased due, we are told, to pets escaping, breeding and damaging crops.    Historically, the import of non native species to countries globally has caused massive damage and Thailand is determined to reduce the risk.    It was the British who introduced Rabbits to Australia, now a serious rodent and crop destroyer and  in the Uk itself, the grey squirrel, actually an American native has virtually killed off the red squirrel population.  HERE now NO member of the iguana family will be allowed to be imported.   Already on a list that requires owners to register them, anyone now attempting to bring them to the country faces a very heavy jail sentence or fine.

– Over 600 claimants prompt 300 million baht lawsuit in firework explosion case
In NARATHIWAT where an illegal fireworks factory exploded back in July, taking out a complete area of homes and businesses, claims for 300 million baht have been filed against the traders by over 600 affected locals.   The claim for damages, filed this week, is based on the cost of rebuilding numerous homes and the injuries caused to many,  with no reference to the issue of just HOW the business was ever allowed to operate there. 11 died, and 380 were injured in an instant, at the time of the massive explosion. Courts have rejected appeals for bail by those accused and they remain in custody at this time, being held in a jail pending trial.

– Cabinet issues provisional approval for legalisation of same sex marriages
Thailand’s cabinet has issued its provisional approval for legislation that would allow registration of same sex marriages. To date oly two Asian countires recgnise gay marriage.  The Full details of the latest proposal have yet to be released but it is expected that the registrant of a marriage or a UNION, would allow issues such as inheritance and support for couples who currently are NOT recognized by law as a union.

–  Vloggers face taxation in Thailand
In the latest discussions regarding taxation on income from overseas. Those earning HERE from a foreign source are being told that they, certainly, will be subject to income tax next year.  From online workers to the growing gaggle of VLOGGERS, those who film for pleasure, each earn money from their work and that, according to the state, is a taxable income.  Easy targets too as their work is often promoted across numerous platforms and income is simple to verify.  The unanswered question though is how will this affect the need for work permits.  It’s clear that most if not all vloggers do it  “for fun and not money” however some run paywalls that charge their viewers for more intimate or detailed videos that would not normally be allowed to the general public.  Either way, the interest in online workers appears to be as great if not greater than those living here in retirement.

– Cornered Indian strangler takes his own life
Pattaya police are working to conclude a case that saw an Indian man throttle a Thai woman in a hotel room, before fleeing and announcing that he was going to take his own life.   Seems the 37 year old had been in a semi regular relationship with the 25 year old local but she had entered into a separate friendship with a Chinese man.  They had met up and agreed to go back to the hotel.  There, police discovered the room in disarray and the lady almost garroted with a shoelace.  Staff notified police but by then HE had fled on a motorbike.   Tracked to the Bang Pakong area, after HE had phoned family and friends confessing to the deed, he was cornered on a bridge, climbed over the railings and jumped into the murky waters. A body has been removed from the river and primary identification shows it to be that of the indian.

– Elderly man accidently shoots himself while polishing gun
An elderly man lost his life this week after polishing his gun.  Seems the 91 year old regularly cleaned his weapon but rarely, if ever, unloaded it first.   According to his wife,  he reached up to scratch his ear, still holding the revolver, which went off, removing hum from his mortal coil.   Just when you think you have heard it all, another tale from Thailand.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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