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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (22 February 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayFebruary 22, 2024 10

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (22 February 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Recreational weed users could see up to 60k baht fines by year’s end
Thailand’s Public Health minister has told the press that his department fully plans to BAN  recreational use of cannabis by the end of this year.  The free for all, caused when it was delisted as an illegal drug has seen streets across the country filled with ganga shops, many selling at way above the legal strength and little in the way of regulation. THAT, according to him, will end with control of cannabis, especially its buds, just as strictly as any other legal drug. Under the proposed bill, people who smoke or use cannabis in any location for recreation, including inside their homes, would face a fine of up to  60,000 baht. Those selling cannabis or its extracts for recreational purposes would face up to one year in jail or 100,000 baht in fines, or both.  And of course for non-thais, either crime could lead to deportation after sentences are completed.  Those ganga shops?  Well, it seems they will be able to trade still, albeit with a licenced dispenser on premises, THC levels under the legal limit.. for now.    If passed, the new laws will also affect those involved in growing, supplying, importing or exporting, all of whom will need to re apply for a new style of licensing.  Opponents of the bill claim that it is too harsh.

– Thai PM pushes change to LGBTQ laws in Thailand 
Thailand’s PM has ordered that the new LGBTQ rights laws which are under consideration see a speed up in process. A firm supporter of equality and diversity, his support is likely to see Thailand become the first south east Asian nation to legalise same sex marriage.

– Infuriated husband sets wife on fire following drunken feud 
In Chachoengsao, a local man has confessed to taking the life, of his wife, After a series of rows that culminated in her referring to his ex girlfriend in a derogatory manner during a drink-fuelled party in Nonthaburi. Once he sobered up, he is alleged to have driven her to a rural area in Prachinburi and set her alight.  Tracked by a signal still emitting from her mobile phone, police secured the area and the man.. has confessed.

– Stripping tourist bites Thai cop
In Krabi, a Chinese woman decided to vent her anger after splitting up with her boyfriend by.. taking all her clothes off in the middle of the road.  A local policeman came off worst as, with motorists gawking and unable to pass by, when he attempted to stop her as she bit his arm.   Finally taken into custody she threw another tantrum at the police station and her embassy.. has been duly informed.

– Thai Airways orders 45 new Boeing aircrafts 
Good news for travellers as Thai airways has confirmed its order for 45 new and larger Boeing aircraft.  The fleet upgrade will see the airline, revived from its previous state of financial despair, expanding its route count and offering more seats on existing routes too.

– Pattaya man nabbed for bounding, robbing, & attempting to set fire to tourist 
Meanwhile at home and in Pattaya a Thai man has confessed to the assault on a Chinese woman after he had offered her a motorbike ride to the city.  As already reported, she was instead taken to a rural area to the east of the area, bound and gagged as he attempted to rape her, but failed, before setting fire to the grassland around her.   The victim and her brother, claim that he also stole some 86 thousand baht for them.  He was tracked from CCTV tapes and nabbed in RAYONG.  LATER,  police added his mug shot to a series of similar, from which the woman quickly identified him as her attacker. He has confessed to the attack and theft.

Photo Credit: The Nation

– Shellfish vendor drowns in east Pattaya pond
To the east of the city, drivers recovered the body of a freshwater shellfish vendor who, along with his father, was collecting them from a Nong prue pond.   Police and medics found his father to be drunk and it will be days before toxicology reports show if the 18 year old son was in the same state..

Photo Credit: เอ.อี.ซี นิวส์ พัทยา

– Mystery surrounds death of elderly expat in Pattaya condo
In a Pattaya city condo, the remains of an elderly Dutchman were discovered by staff after reports of a bad smell coming from his rented room.  Discovered to have been dead for several days, police noted that in addition to a multitude of soft drink bottles, he had been taking a generic form of diazepam and may have been suffering from a long established illness BUT likely died from stab wounds which may have been self inflicted. His embassy has been informed and a full PM ordered, and we choose not to name him, as family has, in some cases, yet to be notified.

– Overstayers arrested with guns & ammunition 
And Chonburi provincial police led a raid on a Jomtien rented room where two chinese were arrested, found to be in possession of guns and ammunition, but NOT to have visas.  Seems they sneaked in across a land crossing some while back.  The two 28 year olds face jail here before deportation.

– Bang Saen fishermen catch rare shoal of shrimp 
And a spot of GOOD LUCK for fishermen in Bang saen this week as a rare shoal of red tailed mantis shrimp appeared near the coastline.   Nets out, men trawling as fast as they could and the harvest will bring a small fortune as the tiny shrimp sell for 2 baht each and are seen as a delicacy by many.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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