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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (21 August 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayAugust 21, 2023 19

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (21 August 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

– BELT UP! – new vehicle laws now in effect in Thailand
Belt up – it’s the law as of last week. The traffic act amendment went into effect so that from now on all youngsters under the age of 6 MUST be sat in car seats or boosters in any vehicle , that’s car truck or minivan, yes including minivan taxis.  Passengers in any taxi are responsible for having a seat that can be fitted when hiring a cab, many though will supply if ordered when booking.  2K baht fines for those who forget, and police will be checking.  It also means that it is now illegal for children under 6 to ride in the beds of of pickups BUT in an odd twist, thai media tells us that when no seat is fitted, those very same children will be allowed to ride in the back seat of vehicles wearing ADULT harnesses and drivers then must reduce speeds and travel only in the outer, slow lanes of multi lane highways.

– Thailand’s ex-PM Thaksin to return this week according to daughter
A 75 yr old pensioner’s return to Thailand has again been heralded by his family, ahead of the planned PM election in parliament this week.  Better known to some as former PM Thaksin Shinawatra, and to others as a marketing tool, whether or not he returns this week is only of interest to authorities as the majority of the public appear bored with the repeat and rewind tales of return to his homeland, touted to create support for the Pheu thai party which, now, is working to create a co op of parties so that they can win this weeks PM vote in parliament.  Those in bed with them? Well, the very same who outed both Thaksin and his sister. That, though, isn’t an issue any more as his DAUGHTER wants to continue the family tradition of party leadership some time soon.  If Thaksin comes home, he is likely to face some form of incarceration as he still has sentences outstanding here.

– Gang of 7 nabbed for smuggling in truck drive shafts 
Keeping Taiwanese delivery vehicles trucking WASN’T the goal of a team of truck drive shaft exporters here, instead they crammed them full of methamphetamine before shipping.  A 3 month investigation by police led them to arrest 6 Taiwanese and a Thai in the capital.  One of those is reportedly the boss of a crime gang in his home country and fled here whilst on bail, so no welcome arms waiting for him if and when he is one day released from a Thai jail.   It was him, tho, who spilled the beans when arrested in the capital, leading to the other 5 being caught.

– Civil cases resolved out of court sees case hearings reduced by over 53k
For the past 4 years a law that encourages out of court settlements in civil cases has seen the court case loads reduced by over 53K hearings. Debts appear to be the most popular to be mediated, and with household debts and defaults on the rise, that saving of court fees for both parties has been huge.

– Ban on public gatherings close to parliament in Bangkok 
Police in the capital have enforced a ban on public gatherings in the vicinity of parliament from today through to Thursday midnight.   With plans afoot to hold another in house vote for PM Tuesday,  the 50 metre radius bann is intended to offer a level of protection to MPs and civil servants.

– Preventive healthcare now available for all Thais
Preventative healthcare is now, according to the national health office, available to all Thais regardless of employment status.   Previously only available to those with valid cover, the program affords all the right to birth control, pregnancy testing, health supplements and health screenings all at no charge.

– Scotsman rescued after canoe sinks in Udon river 
A canny 77 year old Scot who always carries his phone with him wherever he goes was counting his blessings this weekend after his canoe sank on an Udon thani river late Saturday evening.  As he was washed away he managed to get onto a mudflat and call emergency services who discovered him, exhausted just before midnight Saturday.  Cops noticed his car parked up as they searched and soon after that his sunken canoe was spotted before he was finally rescued 5 KM downstream.

– Heavy storms hit Pattaya, railway road closed due to fatal accident 
Meanwhile at home and heavy storms early Monday morning here saw flooding in some areas and roads left slippery and in many cases covered with dangerous sand washed from roadsides.  The railway road was closed today, Monday morning following a fatal crash that saw two vehicles lose control at the Khao Talo intersection and with more of the wet stuff on the way, it’s wise to drive slowly today.

Photo Credit: Punyanoch Noch D

– Pattaya bars raided for underage workers 
The issue of workers in the nighttime industry below the minimum age was addressed by Pattaya police from Friday thru the weekend as teams randomly visited several clubs, bars and karaoke, checking ID cards for all staff and in many cases conducting urine testing for drugs.   All good news as none of either were spotted but the warning is out to business operators to check ID cards MATCH staff members faces, and keep records, as otherwise they will be held responsible if someone slips through the net.

– Sriracha sea turns smelly following plankton bloom 
Sriracha shorelines were the latest in the region this weekend to see green waters and dead fish washed up.  As has been previously recorded on Koh Larn and other ocean areas, the natural phenomenon of what’s called plankton bloom causes a lack of oxygen in the water and the fish to croak.  Not dangerous, plankton blooms usually clear within a day or two, but the cleanup to prevent smell will be a pungent task for local city workers.

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BELT UP in Thailand
Storms finally hit Pattaya


Written by: Megan Midget

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