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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (20 May 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMay 20, 2024 4

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (20 May 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Buddhist holiday this Wednesday in Thailand
Starting this morning with the advisory that this Wednesday is a Buddhist holiday, so all government offices will be closed. Plan ahead and expect longer queues on Thursday and Friday as everyone from immigration to utility companies will be playing catch-up. The day will also be alcohol-free for 24 hours, as is standard here on all religious holidays.

– 1.4 million baht fine for cub owner 
In Chachensao, the well-heeded owner of a wild cat found wandering the streets last week faces a HUGE fine, as officials bill him for 1.4 MILLION baht. This comes as the Department of Wildlife and Conservation confirmed that the cub was not, as the owner claimed, a crossbreed between a lion and tiger, but actually a full-on tiger. Now in the care of experts and responding well, the fine is based on the estimated cost of care for the next ten years. The owner, who reportedly does not have licenses or permits to own wild cats, had originally claimed that the animal was a half-breed, and thus not technically covered by wildlife laws. That’s… not the case.

– Thai public school uniforms to stay, with minor exceptions
Social media claims that the Education Ministry is dropping the requirement for all public school children to wear uniforms is… to say the least… a misunderstanding. The long-established and international concept of uniforms sees all children, rich and poor, wearing the same and being equal. The latest ruling was not as claimed, though it did suggest schools have the independent right to allow certain children from poor and larger families to wear street clothes for a short time, allowing parents to budget for uniforms over, for example, a month. As schools returned to classes this month, the number of children not wearing uniforms, though, has been minimal across the country as their price is regulated and very inexpensive.

– 12 arrested in call scam center operation targeting Thais
Saturday saw 12 Thais arrested and charged with operating a call scam center from within Cambodia, targeting Thais here. Along with their boss, they remain in custody, stealing tens of millions of baht from the easily duped. Four others had been previously arrested, and their statements led police to the recent arrests.

– School director arrested for exploiting students
A scandal in Khon Kaen is being investigated by police and the Education Ministry after a school director was arrested last week charged with taking immoral advantage of children, including a 12-year-old. It seems it was a gang of predators who preyed on the children there, as three others, including a retired teacher, were also arrested. Statements have been taken from the aforementioned, along with several other current and ex-pupils.

– Public Health Ministry proposes stricter drug laws
The Public Health Ministry has proposed tightening the definition of a drug user, which will determine their sentencing when caught, as anyone carrying just 1 meth pill. Those caught with more will be deemed to be dealers which, of course, carries a much higher sentence, usually 30 plus years. The changes are being well publicized in an attempt to reduce drug dealing but, as has been pointed out, the drug culture here is huge. Users face obligatory drug rehabilitation course attendance and medical treatment.

– Digital wallet ‘can’ be used to purchase ‘non-essential’ goods 
The long and late promise of 10K baht in virtual currency wallet for all Thais, then reduced to those on lower incomes, due back in January, is still delayed and now expected to be approved by the end of the year. Well, the money, previously intended for essential goods, WILL NOW, according to reports, be allowed to be spent on appliances, including imported goods, thus NOT in any way supporting industry here and including smartphones which, of course, can later be resold for cash. The election promise, given by the current government BEFORE it lost the general election, was revitalized after the Move Forward party was ejected from leadership in parliament. Funding? Still not approved by the nominated sources. The operators promise that they do have insurance, or maybe self-insure. Either way, it’s a small limited company only set up last year.

– Pakistani man and Thai wife charged in Indian business partner’s death
And in the south, on Pang Nga, a Pakistani man and his Thai wife have been charged with involvement in the murder of his erstwhile INDIAN business partner. With many speculating that the Indian had been duped BY the two into investing in their businesses, he was found lifeless on a roadside mid-month after flying here with the man now considered to be less than a friend. A search of HIS home revealed at least one handgun along with the Indian man’s clothing.

– Mini-Casino in Pattaya coffee shop raided
Meanwhile, at home, 10 Koreans who set up their own mini-casino saw IT dismantled by police after a CONCERNED member of the public reported them. On the second floor of a local coffee shop, they were playing for big money, all of which was seized, along with the usual gambling paraphernalia.

– Pattaya Electric Scooter Rentals ceased amid legal concerns
Electric scooters are NOT road legal here in Thailand. That’s a given as in many countries they have not passed strict build tests and cannot be given a registration or number plate. With that being the case, insurance for road use would be technically void, but that HASN’T stopped several wily rental companies here in the city investing in hundreds of the twist and goes for rental to the public. City hall has now stepped in and ordered them to cease and desist from renting the bikes ahead of an inquiry into whether the bikes comply with the Thai road traffic acts. The owners claim the bikes are safe and only go a max of 25KM an hour, indicating that they feel they should be treated as bicycles. It’s likely that the Department of Land Transport will have a different opinion.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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