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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (2 May 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMay 2, 2024 4

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (2 May 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Minimum wage hike for Thailand 
According to K. Anutin, who is renowned for no grey areas in his announcements, the minimum wage across the country will rise to 400 baht a day as of this October.  Making the announcement on labour day, he told the press that that had been rubber stamped by the  cabinet.  News to most though, and we saw a somewhat flustered underling explaining that the increase may come in increments, but one thing is for sure,  Anutin isn’t one for making statements unless they are correct and DOESN’T play the bait and switch game with the press that others do.

– Thaksin family to close down TV company
As Voice TV, the online outlet that was founded by and owned by the Thaksin family, will close this month after 15 years.  The closure is seen , by many Thais, as a stepping stone for other family members to enter politics and become MPs . It was CURRENT ownership of a long defunct TV company that saw K Pita fail to make it to the Leadership and indeed be sanctioned by parliament, however, once Voice TV is closed, the future, for the Thaksin family, will become easier.  Thaksin himself, now fully recovered from his ailments, which led to his being hospitalized as opposed to jailed on his return here, was busy this week too, meeting and greeting in a street walk on Phuket.

– Brit arrested following attack on Thai taxi driver 
The 31 year old British man who fled Phuket to Krabi this week after allegedly attacking a taxi driver, has been arrested.  No word yet on his side of the story, however, the cabbie had supplied in car video clips to police after a dispute over whether the Brit had paid him with a 100 or 1000 baht note.

– Intense heat in Thailand warps Thai railway tracks 
As temperatures continue to break the 40 degrees barrier, so the effects are being reported, seeing the national grid, again, hit a new all time high usage rate, and in Nakhon si thammarat, railway officials closing a length of the line due to rails buckling in the heat.  In fact, railway authorities nationwide are constantly carrying out line checks for the same reason.  As for the smog?  Well, that normally cleared by this time of year but yesterday saw Pattaya and BKK reporting very high levels, which are unlikely to clear until we see wind and.. the wet stuff.

– Foreign Youtubers cause havoc in Thailand 
Foreign youtubers are hitting the headlines, for the wrong reasons again this week.  In Mae Hong son, a British wannabe star, with a handful of watchers, was cautioned after locals complained about his video content and its disrespect towards Thailand.  In his case, as he appears to run a café for income, he deleted all his content and posted a dragged out grovelling apology instead.  Locally, in Huay yai, a 30 year old American was cautioned by police he trashed the home he is living in, and beat his 20 yr old girlfriend.. with golf clubs.   Police were called with reports that he had gone crazy, attending they  found Connor Murphy shouting and wailing whilst continuing with his trail of destruction.  No word on his mental health but he was keen to show the men in brown his youtube account and tried to tell them that it was all fake, and intended to entertain his followers.  That.. isn’t likely to have worked for him.

– Pattaya man reports theft of 80k necklace during drunken roadside nap 
A 37 yr old Laos man is ruing the night he was so drunk that he fell asleep in the street after a night on the town, this as he claims to have been relieved of an 80,000 baht necklace.  In a city famed for folks who wander the night life draped in the yellow stuff, the reminder remains, leave your gold and valuables at home.  Word is that in this case, CCTV caught a man on camera stealing the gold necklace..  police.. are investigating.

– Officials investigate late-night mayhem on Jomtien beach 
Banglamung officials visited the newly renovated jomtien beaches this week after midnight, following complaints of noise, parties, fireworks and even gunshots from sundown revelers.  Most though were just happy groups enjoying the cooler air.

– Pattaya sois to become ONE-WAY
Get ready for change in the city as in 3 weeks TWO sois connecting Buakhao with second road will become one way.  Signage is due to be erected and police will be posted at both ends on May 21st to assist drivers who drive by habit.  Designed to reduce congestion, the cross sois are narrow, and in many cases see tailbacks as drivers from opposite ends compete for the right to get past parked vehicles.  This though, will be a test.  If successful, then the 1 ways will spread along the breadth of Buakao as they do from the beach to second road and have done for decades.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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