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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (19 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMarch 19, 2024 16

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (19 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– “They’re just kids on a tourist trip” says parents of cop beating brothers
As brothers Hamish and Oscar Day wallow in a Phuket police cell, so their parents, well heeled millionaires in New Zealand, have told the press that their sons, 36 and 38 are just “ a couple of kids on a tourist trip”.  Sadly for them, more details have been revealed that indicate that while mum and dad sold their share in a business for 10 million dollars, both sons are still employed by the company where Hamish at least was listed as chief executive. So, at least, will be able to cover fines and compensation here, but will do little for their business reputation back in New Zealand.  The duo, one at least a Muay Thai boxer,  was caught on camera grappling with a local traffic policeman  and taking HIS gun at the same time after being cautioned for poor driving.  NOW senior national police officers AND the local governor have called for them to be blacklisted AFTER any proceedings that may or may not be settled with compensation otherwise would see them spend time in a Thai jail.     The Education and training business has removed their profiles from company websites in an attempt to reduce any backlash.  They have been charged with 5 different offences here in Thailand now and, as of yesterday, bail had been denied.

– Crime rate high for foreigners on Phuket

Intolerable behaviour JUST in the province of Phuket has information on foreigners being prosecuted for visa revocation in Phuket Province in 2024, data from October 1, 2023 to the present includes a total of 95 cases.  41 Chinese, 8 Russians, 2 Swiss, 5 Indians, 3 Australians, two Brits and 7 others. Most as a result of criminal activity, violence or anti-social behaviour. That’s in 6 months and NOT just recent weeks.  Indicating that that region, at least, has a zero tolerance attitude which is said to be spreading to other tourist areas.  And, we are told, for those who think they are above the law or can BUY their way out of arrest,  best to think again as the publicity attached to most of these arrests has seen several also charged with attempted bribery.

– Tourist attempts to end it all on Thai-UK flight 
A plane travelling from Thailand to the UK saw pilots speeding up the landing process after a tourist attempted to take his own life in the aeroplane toilet.  Cabin crew on the EVA flight repeatedly asked, through the door, for the passenger to return to his seat before entering, only to find him trying to meet his maker.  No word on what emotional situation HERE had driven him to it, but at Heathrow, medics took him into care assisted by security teams who are expected to hand him over for mental evaluation.

– Former MP ordered to pay for new election
A former MP, removed from her position in parliament after being found to have violated parliamentary rules has been ordered to pay seven and a quarter million baht to the election commission, to cover the cost of a new local election in her constituency.  If she doesn’t pay, within a week, she faces having her assets seized.

– He says, she says in Russian man vs Thai woman fight
In Isaan, when a Russian man filed a police complaint against a local woman, he demanded 100K baht compensation for injury he says SHE inflicted on him when she went to his home and beat him up. That though led to HER filing against HIM for a brutal beating she alleges that both she and her 10 year old son received from the Russian, who burst into her home where she was hosting a childrens party, looking in all rooms for his missing WIFE.  One for the police to try and fathom for sure but  while he may drop the charges.. she says she.. won’t.

– Pattaya woman escapes to gold shop with tourists stolen credit card
In Pattaya, a Chinese man has told police that he met a woman through an online app, took her to his room for company, and more, after which he fell asleep and she availed herself of his credit card before making a speedy exit.  Later spending some 33K baht on gold jewelry with the card which, we are told, didn’t require a signature or a pin number.  Seen on CCTV swiping for the yellow stuff, police have her details, her errant lover has a cash shortage and she has 2 necklaces more than she had before she met him.

– Huge fire scares Sri Racha residents 
Residents in Sri Racha were scared when huge plumes of acrid and dense smoke blankets much of the city, seeing many calling emergency services.   Turns out that the fire was at an area used for dumping waste and no buildings were affected,  But big enough to need 6 fire engines at the scene where flames were finally doused after half an hour.

– Storm warning for Thailand 
City hall and the MET office have both issued significant rainfall warnings for our area today through to the weekend.  The front, predicted to cover much of the North and East of Thailand, could be heavy enough to see flooding here in our region, and residents have been advised to prepare for such an event.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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