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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (19 June 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayJune 19, 2023 19

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (19 June 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

Thai Provincial police commander arrested on corruption charges 
Chonburi’s Provincial Police Commander, along with others of very high rank, are being accused of extorting over 140 million baht from gangs running illegal online gambling sites, this according to Thailand’s deputy nation police chief.   The news, which startled many in uniform who thought they were safe from prying eyes, has filled most Thai news feeds over the weekend as  arrest warrants were issued for 10 on Sunday amid news that at least two, civilians, have fled the country. Chonburi provinces top cop has been removed and there is no news of who will replace him as 6, so far unnamed VICTIMS, essentially criminals, have given statements saying that they were arrested as they ran illegal gambling but taken to meet the commander who asked them how much they were prepared to pay to get away with their crime.  Enquiries are also underway into other police throughout the region, including Pattaya and Khun Kampol, who has denied all charges of involvement, along with seven subordinates who were transferred to the operations centre of the Royal Thai Police headquarters yesterday, essentially gardening leave.  As those will be inactive positions.

Cambodian war mines removed from Thai border
Mine clearance is underway on the Thai border with Cambodia this month.  The Sa Kaew area saw thousands of landmines laid in the 60s and 70s, many still remain and recent explosions and injuries to members of the public have seen the search and destroy mission enhanced.  10 munitions experts were working as a team along with dogs trained to sniff out explosives

Move Forward party’s struggle for new regime continues
In Thai politics, the fate of the election winning MOVE FORWARD PARTY appears to hang in the balance as various moves are made, by various parties, against them.  With the public choosing them as outright winners in the election, and they setting up a coalition with runner up Phua Thai party, along with other minor parties, the issue has been heated up in the past week as those who believed they would win, mesrrs. Prayut Pravit and Anutin and their respective parties  have long been feted by the establishment, but the public voted for the upstarts, the newcomer and parties that appear to represent the young here. It’s likely to take several more weeks before a real idea is confirmed as to WHO will lead parliament when it opens as well. It all depends on the senators.. appointed to a second house and with a huge say in voting in parliament.

Norwegian who throttled Brit in Thailand now a ‘free man’
Roger Bullman, the 58 year old Norwegian martial art expert who throttled a British tourist to death on Phuket 3 years ago before fleeing while on bail,  NOW back in his home country, has told that he spent much of his family inheritance on keeping below the grid in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.  He acquired a stolen passport and went under the name of Kurt Hansen, and when he finally arrived in OSLO. Authorities appeared happy to allow him to leave despite knowing his crime AS, they assume, he has nowhere else safe to run.   With no extradition treaty between Thailand and Norway, he appears safe from deportation.  He MAY face a trial in Europe but that would be a tough one for sure.

Over 4,000 Burmese flee to Thailand 
Close to 4K Burmese are said to be currently living in makeshift shelters INSIDE Thailand after fleeing here in the past few months.  As fighting INSIDE Myanmar escalates so camps here are said to be overflowing BUT seeing this ensuring that all have basic food and provisions. Of concern is that the bombing and firing on the burmese side COULD overflow into the Thai saide and thai authorities have plans in pace for that.. for sure.

Fake registration plates & documents seized in Nonthaburi raid
Fake registration plates, used for stolen vehicles and illegal imports, were seized along with fake registration documents during a Nonthaburi raid on two men who sold their fakes online. Among items seized was a forged land transport stamp, 37 sets of plates and 84 other rubber stamps.

Russian learns drinks in Walking Street are not free 
Sunday morning, at 3 AM  two  Russians came a cropper after refusing to pay their bar tabs in a walking street establishment.   Seems they also insulted the club security team when asked to pay like good boys.  End result – they were rather battered and bruised when they were taken to Pattaya police station for questioning.

Turkish man latest victim of Pattaya ‘gold snatch’ 
And a Turkish man, who ambled along beach road at  4 am in the morning,  probably just for exercise, has told police that a man, dressed as a woman, stole his gold necklace.  Shock obviously spread through the police station at his unique tale of wo. Conveniently, he has a photo of the missing jewelry, which he values at 25K baht. The police who pound the beat will no doubt be checking transgenders for neckwear. The man..   says he is usually careful.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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