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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (18 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todaySeptember 18, 2023 9

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (18 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

– ‘Thais need to make babies’ – says National health commission 
Thais need to make babies – and that’s a serious issue according to the national health commission that reports a lower birth than death rate across the nation which is leading to similar issues seen in the west where taxes from the working population fall behind the cost of supporting the elderly and, worse, it would see the available workforce here diminish. Those in good jobs and with better incomes are less willing to have children than before, and the bulk of new births is happening in the less influential regions with parents less willing to leave their offspring with grandmothers to raise, as has always been the culture here in the past.

– Tak schools closed amid border battles 
Some schools in Tak Province are not expected to open today, Monday, following continued battles just across the Burmese border, in some cases just a mile from Thai settlements. Friday saw mortal shelling and the weekend reports of more with schools unwilling to take responsibility for the puis as they worry that stray munitions could end up on this side of the border.

– Move Forward’s ‘Pita’ resigns 
The knife twists again the back of Move forward leader K Pita as he has been obliged to, at least temporarily, resign as party leader in order that the party itself qualifies as the opposition leader in parliament.  Laws prescribe that the leader of the opposition be an MP, Pita was suspended as an MPs enquiries drag on regarding shares held in a defunct media company that he inherited from his father.  Essentially, the leader of the party which garnered the most votes in the election becomes a plain MR as its former bedfellow, Pua thai party takes the reins of government.  No word on when the shareholding investigation will be completed.

– What is the future of marijuana in Thailand? 
What is the future for the hundreds of thousands of newly opened marijuana shops in thailand? Well, with the new government in place now, the recently installed public health minister had declared the weed products as still being, in his words ‘a narcotic’, when having  THC content above 0.2%, and it’s expected that a revamped version of Anutins so called cannabis bill WILL be debated and passed within a few months.  THAT is expected to see a ban on smoking marijuana for recreational purposes BUT allow the growth and production for genuine medical and health purposes.  Effectively, were that to become the law here, it would see most ganga shops close and end products tracked and traced from grower through to end user.   Since June last year, when it was removed from the list of banned narcotics, it’s been a free for all seeing shops open on every corner of any street and the waft of smoke from joints sensed in streets, hotels, bars and cafes.  That then is likely to be in the crosshairs of the new government And the new PM, Sretta, who is on record as stating that he does NOT agree with the rampant recreational use.    Currently the price on the streets for Thai grown marijuana has seen a dramatic fall as the number of producers rises.  Were the market to be controlled, then many of those producers would fall by the wayside, seeing the professional ones remain and prices rise again as quality improves.

– Plans for Koh Chang Expressway under consideration 
Within a decade, Koh Chang Island could be a short drive from the mainland IF plans now going into the process for approval get the rubber stamp needed.  A 6 KM expressway causeway is planned by EXAT, who operate the nation’s motorways and if approved would see a budget of 15 billion baht allocated.  Certainly it would increase traffic to the island and bring much needed services too, but many locals are wondering IF it would also create yet another playground, quickly seeing the tranquility of the island disappear.

– Bound woman escapes from car after accident on Bangkok expressway 
And the weekend saw police still questioning a Chinese man who was rear ended by another vehicle on a BKK expressway.  The accident itself was insignificant however attending police discovered a Chinese woman bound and gagged in the boot of the car.  She claims to have met him on a social media site and agreed to meet up, that meeting led to her agreeing to dinner and, according to her, her being drugged and abused before he tied her up, with plans to transport her to Pattaya, whilst demanding a ransom for her release.  Seems her friends and family had transferred the money demanded TO HER account and had she not been discovered, he would have been a million baht better off.

– Changes to Thai healthcare program
Good news for Thais as plans are afoot to amend the Universal healthcare program to allow them to have treatment at ANY listed hospital facility.  To date, all have to choose from a list and that facility is then the only centre they can easily use.  The changes would allow treatment at any point across the nation and make life a lot easier. A pilot program has already been approved and will be used to monitor its success.

– Thailand to tackle illegal narcotics 
A working committee has been set up to tackle illegal narcotics, with the active participation of the military and the aim of reducing the problem within a year, according to Thailand’s Prime minister Srettha Thavisin yesterday (Sunday). After witnessing the destruction of seized narcotics by the Office of Narcotics Control Board in Samut Prakan province, the prime minister said that details about the working committee and how it will tackle the problem will be disclosed in due course, including such issues as the seizure of assets from the traffickers, money laundering and the time frame for the destruction of seized narcotics. He noted that the military will play a more active role in preventing the smuggling of narcotics into Thailand from neighbouring countries.

– Youngsters involved in tragic motorbike accident
Youngsters way too young to be riding motorbikes collided after losing control out near Khao Mai Kaeo at the weekend.  Riding two bikes, a 3 and 12 year old died and others were injured as the bikes lost control, throwing all onto the road and into the path of oncoming traffic.   The law allows youngsters of a certain age to use motorbikes to travel to and from school however in rural areas it is still common to see them, as young as 10 riding gaily at any time, often without crash helmets.  Those rural areas though, today are seeing more and more traffic

– Heavy storms hit Pattaya
Roads are once again slick after rainfall during the night in the region, bike riders are advised to take extra care.  No reports of flooding other than the usual but more of the wet stuff is on the way.

– Pattaya Music on the Beach a huge success 
Congratulations to the organisers of the The Music on the Beach marching band weekend that saw prizes awarded by Pattaya’s mayor Saturday evening.  Promoting youth orchestras and school bands, the 2 day event was extremely popular and likely to become a regular event in the city with bands attending from the length and breadth of the nation.

Photo Credit: โสภิตา ศรีสอาด

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Written by: Megan Midget

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