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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (17 January 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayJanuary 17, 2024 20

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (17 January 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Valid proof of ID now required for ALL domestic & International flights
As of yesterday, all passengers on domestic as well as international flights WILL be required to show a valid proof of ID before boarding.  That ID, we are told, must match identically to the name on the boarding pass or ticket.  The move, a part of enhanced safety and security procedures is seen as only affecting domestic flights as obviously a passport is required for international flights, BUT it’s now more important than ever when booking to use your full name which, we assume, must include any middle names AS the new regulations state that the name on the pass must be IDENTICAL to that on forms of identification used to board.

– Turn off the TV and make babies in Thailand
Thais need to turn off the TV and social media and… make babies instead it seems.  This as the Public health minister responded to reports that the birth rate here is in a rapid decline AND that within 50 years the current trend could lead to the number of retirees overtaking the numbers working.  Modern couples have in many cases rejected the traditional habit of having children, only to pass them to grandparents to raise them and instead choose to either wait until they are financially secure or not to have children at all.  Proposals for an increase in welfare payments to mothers are being considered and the state is expected to promote the idea of family growth.

– Policeman’s son investigated in drowning case 
In Sa Kaeo, a local deputy inspector has been moved to a desk job after investigations began into the drowning of a local in a pond have seen HIS son implicated, along with a gang of 4 others.  Locals had claimed that the investigation was hampered by Dad’s position of power, the local police chief has rectified that and report indicate that the female was abused and beaten yet somehow her husband CONFESSED to causing her demise. That confession though DIDN’T make sense to investigating officers who wonder what may have encouraged him to make an untrue statement, as they, or a Thai media company..  and causing her to drown.

– Diesel costs to drop in Thailand
Good news for drivers as the price of Diesel is set to DROP at the pumps by a further 1 baht as subsidies for the next three months were reviewed this week.   The cut in excise tax has seen many already listing diesel at under 30 baht.

– Snake on a plane in Thailand 
Snakes on a plane, perhaps, as one social media poster has gone viral, and been picked up by Thai media, showing a snake in the passenger compartment of a flight from the capital to Phuket. The student who filmed claims that the flight crew caught it in a plastic bag and defined it for the remainder of the flight.  Of bigger interest, perhaps, is the number of unreported incidents where snakes enter planes often but in the cargo holds, something that handlers.. are well aware of but good news for passengers as they can’t get FROM there to the seating area.. normally.

– Drainage canal stinks out Pattaya 
The stink continues in the city as despite regulations and cleanup crews, several, mainly commercial, addresses continue to dump refuse and waste water into the south Pattaya drainage canal.  The stench is obvious, more so at a well known hotel close to the beach where the width of the canal, combined with slow flow, sees filth remain without moving until heavy rains shift it.  Either way, Locals complain that no effective management or control of waste dumping appears to be in effect.  NOW, it appears that city hall MAY implement the routine blocking of private waste pipes.

– Man dies from bee attack in Pattaya 
A local Thai man is believed to have died after being attacked by bees in the nong pru area as he attempted to harvest their honeycombs. Discovered close to the main 331 highway.. he was already beyond recovery.

– Reservoirs remain at high levels in Pattaya 
Despite supply cuts of water in many areas locally, blamed on regular pipe burst, there is no expected shortage of water for the region during the upcoming dry season.  Main reservoirs are at high levels thanks to feeders coming from rivers, often a great distance away and the water company doesn’t predict any problems, except of course.. the regular pipe issues which annoy residents.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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