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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (15 June 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayJune 15, 2023 21

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (15 June 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

– Will Thailand face droughts this year? 
Thai authorities predict that the country will enter a critical water level issue as early as next month.  Despite flood warnings for many areas through to the weeks end, it is expected that rainfall will be low, based on previous years, over the coming six weeks, this as many reservoirs are reporting exceedingly low water levels.  Tap water could come to a stop in many areas and in others water may be cut off except for a few hours a day. In our own region the lakes are still at good levels but as they are replenished from rivers, if the rivers dry, then the levels here will fall too. In the capital, of equal issue is the chance of salt water coming UP in the river and polluting water that is supplied to homes. This has in the past been a huge problem here, and in many cities globally, as water flow decreases in rivers and seawater creeps in underneath them.

– Officials caught stealing local community funds 
5 administration officials, each in separate provinces, have been arrested and charged with being party to the theft of a combined 84 Million baht from local funds intended for communities, following a government audit, and others are being tracked. THIS as it is believed that they syphoned off funds, via electronic banking and third party accounts for a conservative time before the deficit was spotted.  National banks have assisted police in their enquiries and provided evidence in the form of statements.  In most cases it is impossible for a single person to help themselves to money and police are not looking to catch those associated with the criminals.  Each is being held and questioned and further details are expected.

– Thailand’s coconut milk industry battles monkey abuse claims
The do gooders are at it again, according to lobbyists here. Seems some countries are slowing down on import of Thai coconut products as groups complain that here monkeys are trained to climb the tree to shake them out.  Its long been a tradition across Asia to use monkeys, to climb the palms, shake the nuts to see which is ripe and drop them down.  But the lobbyists claim that they are mistreated and poorly cared for, something which anyone who has seen them here will know is usually NOT the case.  With many stating that their work is no different than someone using a dog to herd sheep or a horse to race, most here DON’T even use the apes AS hybrid palms were introduced long ago that are a midget version of the traditional ones and can be reached with ease from the ground.  Thailand supplies approximately  80% of the coconut milk sold in the global market.

–  Thailand’s egg price hike blamed on ‘volatile weather’
Make of this what you will but a government spokesman has gone on record as saying that the increase in the cost of eggs here, traditionally a major part of the Thai diet.. is due to.. volatile weather conditions. Along with an increase in demand.  This as egg farms rarely have free range chickens but instead are all housed in sheds.  Reality is though that, along with the price of chicken, pork and vegetables, egg costs HAVE risen considerably over the past year.

– Tourists VS bar staff in Walking Street brawl 
Meanwhile at home and no word on the cause of a fight between bar employees and two Indian tourists in Walking Street but despite it escalating NEITHER party appears to have pressed charges.   Seems it started with a falling out and dispute and then one side or the other took it to the next level.

– Pattaya Mayor Candidates under investigation 
Following a failed case brought to the Pattaya election commission over expenditure used during the city’s mayoral elections that has been carried on by those who make the claim, and has been accepted for review by the The Administrative Court.  What’s it all about?  Well, those banners that were placed along every roadsides, outside homes and businesses and pretty much any corner of the area.  There IS a legal limit for publicity set for all candidates and TWO here, obviously NOT just the winner,  are under investigation amid claims that they exceeded the 750 banner set limit by 250%.

 And as we are notified of another procession coming up in the city in the near future, we wont be promoting it in any way.  Marketing posters have been sent out for a trans kids event. We are NOT anti gay or any other adult choice, far from it,  but the PR material shows children, of even UNDER teenage years in various attire.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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