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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (15 December 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayDecember 15, 2023 10

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (15 December 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

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– 50 million pills seized near Myanmar border
With a million meth pill raids commonplace now, Kanchanaburi police took the biscuit this week as they revealed that they had stopped a truck, after a tip off, only to find FIFTY million pills loaded aboard all believed to have originated in Myanmar.

– Opposition MP’s prevent vote by staging tactical walkout 
Opposition MP’s in parliament are paying the system back this week by using the tactics used against THEM when they won the election but lost the vote for PM.. The deputy house speaker had to call off a vote after most walked out, leaving the number of MP’s present insufficient to meet the house requirement for a vote.

– Pork importer to sue livestock department amid illegal import investigation 
In the continuing investigation into illegal pok smuggling into Thailand, one of those accused publicly is planning to SUE the dept of livestock development after 41 of their containers OF imported pork were seized and destroyed.  The authorities claim that it was illegally imported, the importer.. says it wasn’t.  Something for the new year perhaps as the story will slowly reveal details. They have, though, been formally charged with violating customs and animal epidemic laws.

– Senator denies money laundering charges as 377 million baht seized 
A Thai senator has pleaded not guilty to charges of money laundering, assisting a transnational criminal organisation and supporting a drug trafficking gang.  The 62 year old put up 10 million baht bail to secure his own release after the court heard that he, appointed to the senate by the previous government,  had strong ties with a Burmese mafia godfather and allegedly laundered money for him via a utility service he operates near the border. November saw him separated from 377 MILLION bahts worth of assets that were seized to trace their source.

– Tourist passes away after being refused treatment at Thai hospital 
The Public Health Office , reminding all hospitals with A and E departments that they are obliged to treat any serious or life threatening emergency brought to them….and THEN chase for payment as they are investigating claims that one capital hospital turned away a Taiwanese tourist.  Seems the hospital turned his ambulance away, they went on to another public hospital further away but the patient expired en route.

– 120 shops looted following Bangkok market fire 
Investigators yesterday reported that a total of 120 shops and vender operations burned down during the fire at Jod’s fair market in the capital, that occurred Wednesday.  This as police were called after several claimed that their businesses were looted after the fire was doused.  Police say that locks were damaged, it’s not clear if this was done by the fire service as it worked to douse flames.  The market remains closed currently as it was declared dangerous until renovated.

– Thai MP released on bail following lese-majeste charges 
A 28 yr old Thai MP , found guilty of lese majeste and sentenced to 6 yrs jail, HAS been bailed pending appeal according to media reports that state that the condition of her bail is that she doesn’t not offend again.   If jailed, she loses her seat, and a vote would have to be held within her province for a replacement.  Thailand HAS the laws in place to prevent insult or rudeness toward the Royal Family who, apart from anything else, cannot and will not ever respond to negativity in the media.

– 35 restaurants awarded Michelin stars in Thailand
And the Michelin guide has published the names of some 35 restaurants in Thailand awarded stars for their culinary excellence.  The global awards, the highest in the industry, are ONLY awarded to restaurants and eateries and NOT to the cooks themselves, seeing the brigade of chefs as a whole honoured.   Most of those awarded were in the capital with very few in the provinces which indicates that the mystery diners perhaps don’t get out much.   However, of the new additions. one is on Koh samui and the other in Surat thani.

– Thai soldier robs gold shop to pay for wedding dowry
A Thai soldier has been arrested after robbing a gold shop near the capital,  he fled but was quickly spotted and duly arrested. His REASON?  Seems he is a terrible gambler, had lost all his money and was overdue on providing a dowry for his upcoming wedding.   Likely not to have a career now, and with his beaus family shamed, he may miss out on his big day too, unless she is a very forgiving soul.

– Who really stole the Indian’s jewels? 
Meanwhile at home and with no word on the 4 tourists reported to police as missing from Jomtien beach, despite a huge sea based manhunt,   interest has peaked over a member of the third gender arrested by police and considered the thief of a 200 K Baht bracelet stolen from an inebriated india who, beyond just drunk, fell asleep in the street at the start of the month.  WHY?  Well initially, another ladyboy was arrested but released after police believed her story that she hadn’t had his jewels.  CCTV DOES show both approaching him, but doesn’t clearly show either removing anything, if indeed there was anything to remove.  Either way the 39 year old HAS been charged after a warrant was issued for her arrest. She claims she was only trying to wake him up. He.. doesn’t remember a thing.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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