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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (14 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todaySeptember 14, 2023 17

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (14 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

– Cabinet to review state budget for 2024
At some point there has to be a calculation done and that time is today, according to the new government who’s cabinet will review the state budget for 2024. With the addition of several massive costs, including the planned 10K baht per adult cashback deal, the proposed budget is close to 3.5 trillin baht, but income is predicted to be below that, leaving close to 500 Billion baht as a deficit. Inheriting the proposed budget from the preceding government, the new one has its bean counters snapping pencils. Good news for planners thomas the current period thru to end of may is pre approved by K Srettha’s coalition government.. Meanwhile the The Ministry of Finance is forecasting a bumper tax year, with expectations of over 100 BILLION baht more than was previously listed. With fuel tax reductions, introduced to keep commercial diesel affordable, LOWERing their income, economic growth is on the rise and that, at least, will add a much needed boost to government coffers.

– Forensic teams to recover CCTV evidence in Kamnan Nok shooting
Thai businessman and local headsman Kamnan Nok faces more charges as investigations continue in the shooting of 2 policemen at his party when they are said to have denied him the favour he asked of them. With CCTV equipment suddenly disappearing after the event, investigators have found the server unit, albeit drenched as it was dumped in a pond to hide it, that DATA is expected to be easily recovered BY FORENSICS TEAMS. THIS AS THE SAME DETECTIVES HAVE stated that bank details and ledgers found indicate regular payment FROM him to local high ranking police. The server was later recovered and was being examined to extract whatever information it still held. 55 people were at the party, of those 28 were serving police officers with 6 accused of destroying vital evidence.

– CCTV Cable thieves caught on motorway
Meanwhile at home and on the new Rayong motorway, 2 more thieves have been caught stealing expensive cabling for scrap – the cable serves the CCTV system on the new highway, the thieves admitted 50 similar thefts and the damage is estimated to be in the millions of baht. Both were caught after being named by Laos nationals previously caught stealing cable there too.

– Construction companies caught stealing soil
Out to the far side of the east of the city locals complained that diggers were being used to load soil in a woodland into trucks, then used for construction. Only problem appears to be that neither the haulage company nor the digging operators have any right to the land. Farmers complained to Pong city hall and local Thai media attended the scene to find 18 wheel trucks queued up for soil.

– Move Forward party wins local Rayong election
Move Forward, the political party which garnered the most votes in the last election, but failed to lead the current parliament, have proven their enduring publicity with the public as they WON the local election in Rayong with 57% of the vote. Leader K Pita told the press that he fully expects to win any future election as the party, in his opinion, is still seen as the country’s favourite.

– 25% of salary must be transferred back home for Burmese workers
Guest workers here in Thailand from neighbouring Myanmar are in for a shock from their home country where the military self installed government there has increased THEIR demand on Burmese working out of the country. A minimum of a quarter of their earnings now has to be transferred to Burmese banks where conversion rates have regularly been a pitiful 60% of rates offered elsewhere. Seen as essentially a tax on their nationals, an estimated 2 million of whom work here. Anyone NOT complying is expected to see a ban on their leaving the country in the future to work.

– Visa-free travel for some tourists to Thailand, electric cost reductions & Diesel prices slashed
Lucky tourists from both China and Kazakhstan have seen an official visa waiver announced this week for tourists to Thailand. The PASS will remain in effect until March as a boost to Thai tourism. In the same government announcement we are told that the cost of electricity to businesses and homeowners will see a 35 satang cut and that regular diesel at the pumps is expected to be slashed to 30 baht a liter. This along with a 3 year pause in payments for farmers and small businesses with legal loans without penalty, comes after the recent debate in parliament.

– Battle of the taxis in Pattaya
The bike battle continues in the city, according to social media, where posters have shown video clips of altercations between licensed motorcycle taxi operators and those who simply work thru the apps. The latest reported ruck was outside a Central Pattaya hotel and sees the bike driver, with a passenger, stopped and blocked by a local orange jacketed rider. With the low season here, many pity the licensed bikers but others point out that many too many overcharge and the apps, at least, see the fare pre agreed.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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