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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (14 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayNovember 14, 2023 9

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (14 November 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

– Bangkok teacher hit by stray bullet while using ATM machine
Ceremonies ahead of the funeral of a Bangkok teacher, killed by a stray bullet during a gunfight between teens, began yesterday.  The 45-year-old lady was using an ATM machine, unaware that rival school bullies were about to open fire.  She was a well-respected and much-loved teacher with no affiliation to these hoodlums in any way and a full-on police operation is underway to identify all involved.

– Anutin proposes ban on carrying of guns in Thailand
This as K Anutin the interior minister and deputy PM has proposed a blanket ban on anyone carrying weapons in public, other than officials.  The lack luster control of who is carrying combined with ease of purchase has seen gun-associated crimes rise AND an increase in vigilante weirdos causing mayhem.  Anutin’s plan would have to be approved by parliament but certainly makes sense, according to most here, as a nationwide mom-and-pop industry seems to exist to convert so-called Blank firing weapons into real ones.  Despite the dangers to owners that these guns are NOT designed to handle live rounds and could easily split or blowback,  the supply is endless.   Perhaps this latest episode will be the one that sways the nay-sayers.    Anutin is known for his no-messing-about stance on law and governance and is widely accepted as one of the most honest, perhaps forthright of those in power, despite representing a – minority party.   And usually, his proposals are well-planned and succeed in going into law.

– PM calls urgent meeting to prevent fall in Thai stock market
The government is in need of a Dutch boy’s finger, according to many who have reviewed plans for an urgent meeting to be held by the PM to find ways to prevent the continued fall in the Thai stock market. He is asking three agencies to propose plans to stem the downward spiral that has seen overall values plummet 8% since the new government came to power.

– Chinese police will not work alongside Thai police
Following earlier revelations that Chinese police were to be invited to work here alongside their Thai colleagues,  those PROPOSALS, not agreements, have, we are told, been nixed.  As we reported yesterday, Only a Thai national can be a policeman here, carry a weapon and have right to arrest.  There is a chance that some will be invited to join the volunteer tourist police, alongside members of other nations but absolutely NO plans for them to be pounding the beat with the boys in brown, this according to a senior police officer quoted in reliable Thai media. Tourist confidence is of course essential, however most tourist regions already offer multilingual teams to assist in translation

Thai media, essentially operating with a significant amount of freedom, has derided a Chinese embassy statement, effectively ORDERING them to be wary of promoting the independent island of Taiwan, a region that China is keen to adopt as it did Hong Kong.  Stating that negative reporting on the China-Taiwan relationship could damage the friendship between the people of China and Thailand. Licensed Thai media, including our services already operate sel censoring to adhere to Thai laws but it is unlikely that any will be swayed to become propaganda machines for Beijing.

– Wanted British tourist arrested for gun possession upon return to Thailand
And the daftest of British tourists showed his IQ to the full when he dropped a fully loaded handgunon the floor in an entertainment venue there.  Smart perhaps, he fled the country, only later to return.  That was his downfall as he has now been arrested.  In addition to carrying a concealed weapon, he cannot have a gun license as they are restricted to Thai nationals only.  Named only as JAMAAL, the gun was found by staff and later discovered to be fake, nevertheless, possession of such in a public place is illegal for obvious reasons.

 – Thai man wakes up to find motorbike stolen after online date goes wrong
A Thai man has complained to Uthai thani police that when he met a woman on a dating app, all went well.  In fact too well as they both ended up spending the night together at his home.  Only for him to wake up and find her and his prized motorbike missing.  He isn’t interested in the woman but does miss the ride, and wants it back.

– Will bars & clubs in Thailand breathalyze customers upon leaving?
As 4 am closing times come closer to reality in Thailand, so those NOT in entertainment areas LISTED CLEARLY in all city halls are objecting that they are being left out and will still have to close at midnight ISH.  As the Ministry of Health has thrown its idea into the ring, that all late-night opening venues effectively breathalyze their customers on leaving and prevent them from driving, something which doesn’t really affect tourists who usually use shank’s pony or a baht bus, so the operators in Bangkok’s khao san road have peased for inclusion as we are told, will many in Pattaya outside the exclusive entertainment zones.  Here, despite clusters of bars across the city, those, for the most part, are NOT legal entertainment zones with the exception of some much older venues which, despite changing hands and style, are grandfathered in with late opening hours.  Tourists though are unlikely to welcome a tube, hopefully clean, pushed toward them as they leave.

– Pattaya Firework Festival
Meanwhile, at home and with the jazz festival now a memory, the beach areas are preparing for the international Fireworks festival.  On the 24th and 25th.  Representatives from 5 countries are due to participate in the 2-day event with many already here to oversee the setup and ensure that their displays are best supported.  Pyrotechnique is fun for sure, and something you can either wander to the beach to watch or take in from the numerous high-rise restaurants and venues around the city.  For those.. book now as, we are told, they are doing a roaring trade on pre-bookings – over 400 thousand onlookers are expected so this is the weekend to shop or drive in the frontage area as next weekend will be chaos.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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