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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (13 July 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayJuly 13, 2023 24

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (13 July 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

Decision day for Thai Parliament 
Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat is still a member of Parliament and can still contest for the Prime Minister’s post on Thursday,  that was the decision released by the Senate whips following an IN CAMERA meeting yesterday and ahead of today’s vote in parliament for the position of PM.  The whole vote and issue is a nail biter for most and K Pita, the elected leader of the winning party in Thailand’s elections, faces a tough afternoon that will see an initial but maybe not FINAL vote this evening.  Pita’s adversaries include the senate members, 250 of whom have the right to vote in the choice that would otherwise see him have a clear majority of elected MPS, AND claims from his office that he has been unfairly treated by the election commission whose last minute submission yesterday to the constitutional court  contains their apparent support for him to be questioned regarding his proficiency to take office or be an MP. He has made it clear that over the past 4 years he had consulted both the National Anti-Corruption Commission and the EC about his shares in a long defunct media company and had received assurances that it wasn’t a problem.  Today’s vote will be missed by three leading senators, all heads of the three armed forces in Thailand, due to other commitments.  And no public gatherings will be allowed in the near vicinity to the parliament building during the debate and vote today.  Areas HAVE been allocated to members of the public in a close by area

All suspects arrested in Pattaya murder investigation 
All key and current suspects involved in the demise of a German man in the Pattaya region are now in custody, according to B Pol. Lt. Gen. Surachet Hakpal who is personally overseeing the joint local and national police operation here that investigates the case of a dismembered corpse found in a refrigerator earlier in the week. 52 year Olaf Brinkmann, and 54 yr old Petra Grundgrief were in custody earlier and are now being held separately from Pakistani, Chahruc Karim, who was caught in the border area of Kanchanaburi where he had fled. Caught as he alighted from a taxi there, he was en route to an escape across the border into Myanmar. Now returned to the Pattaya region, he was being questioned last night amid new reports from a hardware store that two of the accused had bought a heavy duty power saw, paying top price for it as they specified they wanted a quiet one.

The top police officials inferred that there will be a crack down on what he described as an international crime organization in the area.  Though no word has officially been released to infer that this was anything other than a ONE OFF case. In THIS case, though, significant evidence WAS left by the gang, despite their attempts to hide their identity by spraying chemicals over the dead man’s abandoned car. These include cigarette butts,  fingerprints and DNA all found at various scenes of crime. Currently police are interviewing THAI nationals related or associated with those under arrest to establish whether or not they too are implicated.   Regarding crime gangs, Hackparn is convinced that some reside on the East side of the Sukhumvit but do business in the city.  But also inferred that foreigners who come to do business must go through them, which isn’t necessarily the case as many here will confirm.  Forensics reports on German Hans Peter Mack have yet to be concluded however a schedule of his time after leaving home HAS been put together from various CCTV sources which show him meeting with some of the accused.  The location of the actual scene of the crime has yet to be provided to the press as it is assumed he was already demised prior to being transported in a freezer to the home where it was discovered.

Thousands flee to Thailand 
An estimated 5000 burmese fled here across the border from their home country yesterday during a military airstrike on the area where they had been living.  Now housed in an evacuation centre in THAILAND,  it stated that their homesteads are close to what are described as Burmese resistance outposts that were targeted.  4 airstrikes are recorded, using MIG jets within 10 KM of the border as food and water were given to those fleeing here.

Thai woman shot in the bottom by a gun-wielding brother 
A 21 year old female was shot in the bottom yesterday, by her brother.  Seems they went together to a local Thai night time venue, he was carrying a gun.  And at 4 in the morning I heard noises in the street.  He went to draw his weapon, claiming that it fired without him pulling the trigger and shot through his pocket and into his sister.  As she was treated by medics, police found the bullet clip but the gun.. had been taken away by his pals.  Suspicious packages found in their vehicle are being checked to see if they are drugs.

Pattaya underpass closed for maintenance 
And if you go down to the Sukhumvit this week, prepare for delays at the underpass as maintenance teams have closed the passageway down to a single lane while they replace faulty lighting.  The new lighting is expected to be brighter..  The delays though will be longer at the weekend.

Foreigner arrested for driving Mercedes with fake plates
Amid all the doom and gloom of the news, a lighter article this week as yet another Mercedes owner has been caught using fake registration plates to evade motorway toll fees. This time a non-Thai.  Germans, have an expression, which is derogatory but runs along the lines of Mercedes has the right of way.. Mercedes hat Vorfahrt.  That obviously has been taken literally by several owners. End result though is expected to be a seriously hefty fine.


Lucky driver survives train collision after car stalls on tracks 
In Lopburi a driver has given credit to his buddha amulet this week after his car is said to have stalled on a railway crossing.  The 50 year old jumped out and ran as a train approached.  He had kept trying to move the car until the last minute when he threw himself out of the driver door just as the train hit.  No damage to the train, the Suzuki swift lost its looks though and he, along with his necklace, is doing.. fine.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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