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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (12 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todaySeptember 12, 2023 48

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (12 September 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

– Police colonel ends his own life after death of subordinate
A police colonel, one of 25 who attended the party in Nakhon Pathom last week when a police officer was killed and another maimed after a falling out with a local headman, has taken his own life, according to Thai media last night. In the saga, which we have reported on over the past several days, the headman wanted a favour, the officers refused, that led to them being shot, the gunman being shot days later in a gunfight with authorities, the headsman in jail and 23 officers under suspicion of involvement. It’s believed that the colonel shot himself and others have said that it was HE who had invited the two colleagues to the party and introduced them to the discussion that.. became heated.

– House of Representatives and Senate discuss policy plan
The joint sitting of the House of Representatives and Senate sat yesterday in the first day of discussion and debate on the policy plan published by the new coalition government. The 10K baht digital wallet program was high on the list, alongside undetailed plans for debt relief for farmers, and individuals, increasing tourism revenue and the planned amendment of the constitution. Both the government and opposition will enjoy equal debating time this week on the issues and already Move Forward has claimed that the plans listed lack a time frame, a schedule to show HOW they will work and what will be done to achieve them. Missing from the list, so far, is the election promise of 25K a month for university graduates, an issue that could have seen many if not all unable to find work as for employers, although armed with papers, they would have little if any experience. For those ALREADY in employment, the promise was seen as a good one and would have also seen teachers getting a much needed raise in salary. Khun Stretta sees short, medium and long term plans essential to economic growth and wants to amend the military programs in a move toward a voluntary armed force with the inference that it is top heavy with senior ranking officers and that that too needs to be addressed. Efficient tax collection is also on the agenda.

– Thailand’s food delivery companies suffer huge losses
Complaints are increasing from food delivery drivers who during the pandemic earned good money but, according to them, have seen their rates per delivery cut along with the downturn in the number of deliveries available. Seems the companies too are struggling, losing fortunes annually despite , in some cases, their share of the food cost being high already. Fees now are around 38 baht per delivery, and from that comes the cost of fuel too. A good reason, perhaps, to tip your delivery man. What does the future hold? Who knows, but as an example of the bottom line, Lineman is said to have reported a 2.7 BILLION baht loss last year, and the others are pretty much in the same boat.

– Unregistered residents unlikely to benefit from cash handout
With many asking WHERE the money is coming from for the promised 10K per adult spending program due from the government early next year, bean counters in BKK have noted that MILLIONS of Thais work away from their home towns and villages. With close to 3 Million non resident workers in the capital alone, they may offer a savings to the state as their money, once allocated, can only be spent within a short distance of their REGISTERED homes. Cities such as Pattaya saw proof positive during the covid era that the majority of Thais living in the region are not registered here either.

– 585 million baht seized in cryptocurrency scam
With properties worth an estimated 585 million baht seized, four chinesemen, along with their Laos partner have been arrested on charges of involvement in a massive crypto currency scam that is estimated to have netted close to 3 billion baht. Over 3000 people have registered complaints against BCH global limited website showing that they were duped into buying into gold and crypto, only to find out that they had been hoodwinked. These then are ordinary folk, for the most part, and not looking for a get rich quick system, but simply, as others have done, to get onto the crypto market in some way. Charged with money laundering, fraud, and transnational crime, they are being held without bail by police.

– MUSIC ON THE BEACH this weekend in Pattaya
Preparation is underway along the promenade for the Friday and Saturday MUSIC ON THE BEACH event which will see one side of the frontage road closed as the two day festival hosts marching bands from various schools around the country. Promising to be well worth seeing, and of course hearing, the events run from 3 to 6PM on both days.

– Drunken Koreans attacked for throwing beer at Pattaya women
Two inebriated Korean tourists endured payback this week after throwing beer at a group of local women. Stumbling along Soi 12 they infuriated their targets, so much that the ladies gave them a pasting. Police and medics found them out for the count, more due to alcohol than the face slapping but in the middle of the road. Neither party has registered a complaint.

– Python causes Soi Bua Khao fire
Hissing Sid wasn’t innocent this week in Soi Buakhao as A 3-meter-long python has been blamed for a power outage that saw the area go dark for hours early yesterday morning. A minor fire burning from overhead cables and transformers, was extinguished and electrician sent in to repair, only to discover the snake with minor wounds and burns. A local claims to have seen it climb the telegraph pole and slither along the cables. Vets plan to release it back into a less wild area at a later date.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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