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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (11 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMarch 11, 2024 8

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (11 March 2024) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
DISCOVER PATTAYA NEWS with Fabulous 103fm

– Turn off phones and make more babies in Thailand
It is time to turn off the tv and phones and make babies according to a deputy PM at the the weekend, who predicts that the population here could drop 50% within 60 years UNLESS prospective parents become real ones.  Further analysis, based on the current trends, show that at the same time the actual working population could drop to 25% of today’s figures, leaving an unmanageable gap.  In 1970, the birth count registered was over a million, now it’s half that as Thais work to improve their lifestyles and prefer to wait and maybe raise their own children as opposed to passing them to grandparents while they work.  We are likely to see promotions and inducements for couples to create families which may include upgraded privileges such as time off from work, child care in workplaces and allowances for parents.

– Ministry told to quantify five-pill narcotics limit
Demands have been made of the Public Health Ministry to quantify their regulation that proposes to judge anyone in possession of 5 or less meth pills, to be a user and not a dealer.  As the office of the ombudsman asks for proof that it would curb social disobedience so.. a former BKK deputy top cop has claimed that such a regulation would violate laws AND do more harm than good, setting out an easy plan for addicts to become dealers without risk of arrest.  The number of violent crimes attributed TO methamphetamine usage is escalating for sure, and a decision now has to be made by the administrative courts.

– Warning for rare meat eaters in Thailand 
Like your meat rare?  Well, you might want to think again as a warning has been issued by the The Department of Livestock Development NOT to eat uncooked or rare meats follow confirmed report of an anthrax outbreak among animals in Laos near the Thai border.  Thai farmers in the region are being advised to inoculate their livestock against the virus which is picked up from contaminated soil or grass, usually eaten affecting cattle goats and sheep.  Anthrax is NOT passed on from human to human and is curable if caught early.     Symptoms in humans include blistering, stomach upsets, shortness of breath and headaches.  Checks for smuggled livestock are being enhanced as of the weekend to prevent illegal import of meat here.

– Swiss ‘doctor-kicker’ faces charges for illegal gun ownership 
Swiss woes continued at the weekend as Thai media reported that the Ministry of Interior will press additional charges against URS FEHR, the Swiss national who allegedly kicked a female Thai doctor as she sat on the beachside steps near his rented villa on Phuket last week. Now having settled ONE claim, of road rage on Xmas day,  the subject of illegal gun ownership has been raised following visits to his home and business.  With his visa now revoked and only here at the will of the court, to allow him to BE here when his case is hear THIS AS officials are considering the closure of his elephant SANCTUARY where all but one animal are actually said to be RENTED from their actual owners. Meanwhile In TRANG,  his fellow countryman, accused of assault on an invalid in a supermarket has been given a detention order, barring him from leaving the country before HE goes to court on trial for assault

– Swiss & Thai nationals raise money for underprivileged kids 
At the weekend, though, Swiss and Thai nationals PROVED that the despicable duo are essentially ONE OFFS as Sunday saw a gathering of Thais who either trader with or went to school in Switzerland, along with Swiss nationals rising funds in the capital for underprivileged Thai children in remote rural areas.  Enjoying the traditional grilled swiss cheese and potato dish Raclette, a combination of entrance  vendor fees and raffles boosted the fund coffers.

– Over 11,000 students attend exams hoping for a seat in Triam Udom Suksa School
Who wants to go to school?  Well, it seems that at least 11 thousand prospective pupils attended entrance exams, held at the impact arena each hoping to get the one in 10 chance of studying at Thailand’s top rated state school.  TRIAM UDOM SUKSA offers just 11 hundred unassigned admission this year, entrance exams are tough tho as the school is seen as a preparatory school for students hoping to further their studies in Chulalongkorn University.

– Heavyweight hustler arrested for offering ‘extra large’ adult parties 
Being, to put it politely, over the standard weight doesn’t seem to have put off one 49 yr old woman in the capital who was arrested at the weekend for soliciting ONLINE for customers for her.. and her troupe of heavyweights.  Tipping the scales at 130 KG, she was arrested by police who carried out a sting operation, paying her online upfront for the pleasure of the company of her and 7 others for a private party, arriving and duly putting them in handcuffs.   Which didn’t seem strange to them in any way.

– Illegal Indian worker robs Pattaya employer 
Meanwhile at home, an Indian man remains in immigration custody after being charged with stealing 100K baht and a computer from the owner of an apartment where he was EMPLOYED.  No word on how legal that employment was but he HAS admitted the theft, claiming that he has, by now, spent the lot on a fun filled few weeks.

– Chinese businessman arrested with 50 tonnes of electronic waste
In our province a Chinese businessman is reported to have been arrested on charges of storing at least 50 tons of electronic waste IMPORTED from abroad for disposal.  The man’s waste disposal company was reported by locals as dumping wastewater into local ponds and streams .. he has denied the charges.

– Pattaya motorbike thief arrested in shootout 
Saturday saw Banglamung police chasing two motorbike thieves, one of whom fired on them before being shot himself.  A modified starting pistol was found near the scene, along with a cartridge used as medics attended to remove the man for treatment.  Only 17 yrs old, he hadn’t named his cohort, who fled.  And it’s believed that they were a part of a crew operating on a massive level stealing from across the province and then smuggling them over borders into neighbouring countries

– Pattaya firework shops raided 
Friday saw police raiding shops selling fireworks in the Naklua ahead of the music festival, in an attempt to reduce the illegal sale and later use of pyrotechnics on the beaches.  Said to be in response to complaints from business and residential addresses along the seafront, MORE raids are predicted following publicity now given to multiple complaints and street vendors face arrest too.

– Thousands attend Pattaya Music Festival 
PATTAYA’S music festival saw huge crowds and of course traffic chaos but was lucky as dark clouds which at times covered parts of the region, didn’t dump on the venue or indeed the area at the weekend. Opened by the city mayor, the event was a success and heralded THREE MORE weekends, back to back, of music for the region, seeing top Asian bands entertaining all for free along the seafront.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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