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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (11 December 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayDecember 11, 2023 13

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VERY LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (11 December 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya
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– Daily minimum wage set to increase by just 2-16 baht
The average daily minimum wage will rise by a miniscule 2.4% effective from Jan 1, falling far short of the government’s promise of 400 baht, seeing some areas raising the daily pay rate by.. just 2 baht, and others 16.   In our own region, the minimum rate rises to 354 a day, up 7 baht and in the capital, along with neighbouring provinces a 10 baht rise goes into effect.  Even the PM is said to be disillusioned with the size of the increases but the labour minister cited low inflation as a buffer against the promised 400 a day.  The PM Srettha said on Saturday that he would vote against these proposed rates when given to the Cabinet for endorsement.  So who knows,  as several other decisions and statement have been over rued recently.

– Bangkok Airways network hacked
Bangkok Airways has done the decent thing and notified all its frequent flyers that its network was hacked, seeing unauthorized access to flyer details, such as emails, phone numbers and the like.   They have recommended that all change passwords and be on the lookout for fake contacts pretending to be FROM them.  Theirs then is the latest in a series of issues affecting travel and tourism globally which, here, have affected numerous booking sites for accommodation.  The reminder is out again, no genuine company will ask for card details or pin numbers in emails or social media messages as ALL use transfer programs.  As the festive season approaches, we can expect more in the way of scams, so best double think before paying anyone online.

– No extradition for German offender
Thailand will NOT extradite the German offender who fled from Thailand last year whilst on bail.  Despite the million baht figure that has been shared across media as the amount claimed to have been paid for his escape.. the actual amount HE claims to have paid to escape, is the equivalent of 50K euros, which is double that.  Amid reports that he WILL be charged under German law, Thailand’s deputy police chief Hakparn is set to fly to Frankfurt within the month to interview him following an agreement with his German counterparts.  As the city was rocked by the DW tv show, which first aired on social media earlier in the year, many are asking WHO pushed it suddenly here recently, and for what purpose.   In talking to numerous owners and managers of entertainment businesses, we have ascertained that it is only the odd few that do not double check the ID of all staff and photograph them WITH the card so that there is no doubt AND so that they can show due diligence in hiring.  Of bigger issues is the risk of youngsters freelancing, working of their own volition in public areas.  However, anyone charged with hiring them for nighttime businesses WILL face human trafficking charges and can expect to have the book thrown at them, as a result of this and other reports.

– HM the Queen of Thailand takes part in King’s Cup Regatta 
Her Majesty Queen the Queen of Thailand, herself a keen yachtswoman, presided over the   Royal Award Ceremony of the 35th Phuket King’s Cup Regatta at the weekend.  Proving her worth, she also took part in one of the sailing competitions seeing her crew take 1st place in that.   The ceremony, at which she presented the prizes bestowed by HM the King, was covered by the media internationally.

– FDA warns against consumption of wax candies 
And as the festive season approaches, the FDA has issued a warning NOT to buy so-called WAX CANDIES.  Illegally imported, they are a sweet within a wax casing and are banned here due to the nature of the wax itself and the fact that it can’t be absorbed by the body.  All online retailers on major shopping services have been blocked from selling BUT some still sell on other media.

– ‘Sobering-up’ areas on the cards for Thai pubs & clubs
If the National Alcohol Beverage Policy Committee has its way, then businesses serving alcohol and taking advantage of the promised 4AM closing times will HAVE to provide so called sobering up areas for  the drunks AND provide approved breathalyzer testing for patrons leaving and planning to drive.  Tough call for clubs in pedestrian zones where all initially leave on foot, BUT there is also a planned increase in roadside vehicle checks that will without doubt see many spending the festive days behind bars AS courts close for the new year holidays too.

– Thai airways air hostess scalds passenger 
And despite training for air hostesses that sees them shown to always pass hot drinks to passengers on a tray, to avoid injury, one at least faces the wrath of her obsess as Thai airways apologize this weekend to a passenger who had been, allegedly, burned by hot coffee being passed to another passenger by hand.  The injured flyer was treated in a local hospital and then complained.  His witness?  The passenger to whom to coffee was being passed. Seems despite not knowing each other.. that passenger at least felt sorry for the incident, despite not being responsible.

– Escaped prisoner caught on roof of Banglamung hospital 
Meanwhile at home, a prisoner being treated in Banglamung hospital, who escaped late last week was caught again, after being found hiding on the roof of a building within the hospital complex.  Seems he laid in bed, following an operation on his nether regions, and borrowed the phone of a regular patient, to call his wife and tell her to pop in and see him.. and also to bring bolt cutters.  She duly obliged, officers failed to check her bags, he cut and fled, but with nowhere to go, and a catheter firmly fixed to him for medical reasons, he only made it to the rooftop where he hid.  Now firmly manacled, he will be joined by his wife in jail, so at least.. they won’t get lonely..  Reality is that there are some red faces at the local remand prison and a full investigation is underway.

– Traffic congestion in Pattaya today as 3-day long weekend ends 
Pattaya expects traffic congestion again today as it’s the third of a three day weekend and many have driven here.  Best to avoid the centre until tomorrow and note that most offices and services will NOT be open.  Saturday night saw traffic gridlock in much of the city region and that can be expected again today as visitors leave.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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