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TODAY’S LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (31 May 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

todayMay 31, 2023 34

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TODAY’S LATEST NEWS FROM THAILAND in English (31 May 2023) from Fabulous 103fm Pattaya

79 Thai police officers fired for disciplinary offences
A purge on errant police staff has seen some 79 officers removed from the force this year to date, according to the Police commission this week, with a quarter of a million in Thailand’s police service the numbers initially sound, high but are perhaps the result of a clamp down that has been underway for a considerable time.  Those removed range in rank from junior to senior.

Tragic school knife fight leaves 3 injured, one lifeless 
With one dead and three injured, police are continuing with an investigation into an attack by a schoolboy on others in Sisaket. Word is that the three along with their attacker, all 14 yrs of age, had been in a happy group until something was said or done to enrage the one, who left, only to return with a knife.  He was duly handed in at the police station BY his parents and remains in custody.

Woman shot for refusing to vacate repossessed house
When a bank sold off a repossession in Pathumthani, the new owner was surprised to find that the previous owner had not been evicted and was STILL LIVING THERE.  He refused to go.  She decided to visit the 65  year old and discuss the issue, in response he shot her. Declared as dead at the scene by medics, police were swiftly en route and negotiations for his surrender were quickly underway.

Father finds son’s body dumped in septic tank
The uncle of a 9 year old boy has been charged with his killing in an Isaan village this week.  Seems the lads father noticed he was missing and sought him out, asking his BROTHER if he had seen him.  With denials, the dad continued his search until finding the remains of his son dumped in a septic tank.

Move Forward Party leader interview BLOCKED from Thai media
Thai media is making much of the blocking of an interview with the Move Forward Party leader which was censored by a TV broadcaster that carried the BBC channel as an option for its viewers. The interview, by a seasoned interviewer, knowledgeable of the laws here, contained some subject matter which is illegal here.  The TV company abided by Thai law and blocked the show,  as otherwise they could be charged with crimes.   There IS press freedom here, within certain constraints, however as all know, certain subjects are currently off limits.  And for media companies, its not worth the hassle or risk.

Rental car pushers arrested 
In Chiang mai, 2 have been charged with the rental of vehicles that were subsequently driven across borders and sold. Renting with fake documents, the duo hit rental companies in Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Lamphun, and even wore wigs to disguise themselves.   It’s reported that they installed anti GPS units into the cars to block the location signals before the vehicles left Thailand.

Gunman caught THREE days before case expires
It just needed THREE MORE DAYS, according to police, before the statute of limitations would have run out on a warrant for the arrest of a now 67 year old man who shot and killed the lady who rented him his home over 19 yrs ago.  Back then he fled, going into hiding in Udon thani but then, thinking the coast was clear, he returned to the capital recently.  It’s likely that he caught up with erste while pals, and that one of them reported him to police who found that the warrant remained valid.. for just 3 more days. Warrants issued on murder charges are valid for 20 years.

Ganga Dealer Robbed in Pattaya
Meanwhile at home and police have secured CCTV recordings confirming that 3 teens robbed a street vendor of his Marijuana wares yesterday.  The man claims to have lost 15K bahts worth. The three teens noticed that he had left his box containing the weed outside a shop front, and quickly made off with it, all three are being sought but no one has yet to comment on just how the man himself isn’t on a charge as selling Marijuana is only legal from a licenced building and not from street vendors, pop up shops or hawkers of any kind.

Friday night is music night in Thailand… cos Saturday won’t be
Nighttime venues are planning, in many cases, for a busy Friday night this week as Saturday sees a 24 hour alcohol ban , as it’s tradition here for important Buddhist holidays.  Revelers can expect the city to be busy Friday for sure, and bookings for the coming weekend in hotels are on the up as its 3 not 2 days.  Reminder then that immigration and government offices will close Monday, so anyone needing their services – best to go now.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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