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Thailand & Pattaya LATEST NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (13 February 2023)

todayFebruary 13, 2023 25

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Thailand & Pattaya LATEST NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (13 February 2023)

One-legged wanted Brit arrested in Thailand
Essex drug importer 55 year old Richard Wakeling saw his luck run out in Thailand at the weekend as, after being on the lam for 5 years, following a conviction in the UK, he was caught here in BKK as he went to collect his car from being serviced. The Brentwood native fled in January 2018 as his trial began back then, charged with importing amphetamine liquid worth 8 million pounds, that’s 340 Million baht.  Here, living under an assumed name, but recognizable by the fact that he has a prosthetic leg, Walking faces his 11 yr jail term in the UK and deportation is scheduled for this week.

Pre-departure Covid test rules dropped
Pre Departure covid tests for those travelling FROM here to India are the last to have been dropped this weekend, making flight free of testing to India, along with China, Hong Kong, Japan, and other countries which had initiated the requirements last month.  Tourist numbers this year for Thailand then are on the upswing.

YouTubers targeted by Thailand’s Revenue Department
If social media is to be believed, then the Thai tax man cometh, looking for those vloggers who post on the net for reward.  Thai and non Thai youtubers, along with online vendors, have so far escaped taxes here, that’s about to stop and with youtube owned by google, which is well represented here, even those who work under assumed names can easily be traced. As they work, or appear to, so non-Thais are required to have work permits under the labour laws and earnings subject to tax and social security payments. We note, however, that many who click, clip and are vociferous, actually earn zero for their efforts as, to earn, you really do need a large number of views. That though doesn’t devoid them of the need for a work permit and visa, as working for or NOT for reward sees those required.

Changes to Thai limited company laws 
As of last week, Thai limited companies no longer require 3 but only a minimum of 2 shareholders, according to amendments passed last year.  With some expats seeing this as a break, allowing them to operate businesses with just one Thai partner THAT, in many cases is beyond financial danger limits as, with the thai being the major shareholder, foreigners put their investment at risk.  Better by far to have three or more shareholders AS then.. not one person can grab control.

5 more arrested in online gambling gang sting 
In the capital, police applied at the weekend to the courts to further detain 5 people facing charges of assault and robbery from a computer programmers who worked on an illegal online gambling site.   All can expect to remain behind bars for at least 12 days as an enquiry progresses, this as it was claimed they might otherwise run away OR interfere with witnesses. They had accused the programmer of skimming money from the site accounts, a claim he denies, but saw him beaten, robbed of 8K baht and threatened with more violence, all of which led him to report to police despite knowing that he was working in an illegal operation.   It was he who claimed that a senior Police officer actually OWNS the illegal operation, a claim which led to HIS arrest and a full enquiry.

4 given death penalty for murder of businessman
Four of 6 accused of the murder of a Malaysian businessman 7 years ago have been sentenced to death by a Songkla court. The 54 year old dead man was in dispute with another Malaysian over a 270 million baht debt, a row that escalated to he, and his wife, being shot whilst driving their Mercedes in the Hat Yai district.  His wife survived and told police that they had been tailed by 3-4 other vehicles before shots were fired.  With over 2 dozen witnesses called to give evidence, the gunman and his cohort admitted the crime and were given life sentences..  Their cohorts pleaded not guilty and were given the death sentence.

Chemical container explodes at Army ordnance factory compound
The weekend saw a huge cleanup underway at an army base in Ayutthaya where, Friday, a chemical container exploded.  With no one injured, it’s been claimed that the container was removed from a production building as it was under renovation, and then left in the blazing sun, causing it to explode.

German arrested for theft of tourists sunglasses
And stealing a pair of sunglasses from a Russian woman has seen a 31 year old German man arrested on Koh Phangan Saturday.  Whether the light fingered Louche knew their value is open to dispute BUT police recovered the 24000 baht MCQ specs from his room when it was searched.

Weed & vape vending machine seized on Koh Larn Island
With laws regarding sales of marijuana products restricting sales to licensed fixed addresses, it’s no wonder that cops looked in amazement at a so far unclaimed VENDING machine, set up on Koh Larn island selling, in addition to ganga, vaping cigarettes which are still illegal in Thailand. The machine was labeled ‘’  and owners are being sought.

Indian student reports theft of 44,000 baht cash from pocket
And, believe it or not, Police at the weekend processed a report made by a young Indian STUDENT, who claimed he had been relieved of 44K baht that he just happened to have in his pocket , close to midnight  outside a convenience store. He claims a group of locals came close to him and asked him questions and so assumed THEY stole his money.  Police will of course have full CCTV from outside and inside the store and whilst he has his report made, which helps with travel insurance claims, were it to be proven that he isn’t telling the truth, then he faces legal issues here.   Especially since regular warnings go out to NOT wear gold chains or carry a lot of money whilst out and about at night.   But then again.. doesn’t every student walk around with 1500 dollars cash in their trousers?  Well, that’s open to opinion.

Burapa Bike Week – another great success
Music, fun and bike fans enjoyed the revival of Burapa Bike week at the weekend, seeing good crowds but the evening for music from 2 stages, the attendance of numerous biker groups, all making the public welcome and, as usual, no issues at all among the thousands of attendees.  Now, risen from the ashes, the phoenix of festivals promises an even more exciting event next year as numerous overseas musicians hope to attend then too, and our video coverage of this weekend willl be up on youtube soon for all to see..  Hey, maybe you can spot yourself in the crowds.. you never know!

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Written by: Megan Midget

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