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Thailand & Pattaya HEADLINE NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (18 November 2022)

todayNovember 18, 2022 14

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Thailand & Pattaya HEADLINE NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (18 November 2022)

Despite warnings NOT to protect during the Apec conference in the capital, several small groups tried to make their presence known yesterday.  Riot police halted a small demo outside Terminal 21 in Bangkok, just 100 people, and smaller ones of a few dozen each popped up and then disappeared during the day.  Protesters who raced to the victory monument were reminded that THAT location is currently out of bounds for large group meetings, as are most areas around the buildings used for APEC.

The FDA has threatened legal action against a marketing company promoting a Nasal spray as Covid-19 prevention. The sprays, registered to sell in Thailand as a way of unblocking a nose during a cold, has, according to the FDA been promoted in some cases as a cure all for covid, the flu and even RSV.

An ex-policeman, kicked out of the force months ago, has been tracked down and arrested following a tip off.  The man had thrown 6 hand grenades into his neighbors home as they sat eating, following a falling out.  At the time the ex cop admitted the deed but claimed he was drunk at the time.

The body of a missing French man, who had chosen to wander off on his own 5 days before, has been found below a local hillside in Surat thani’s national park. Hope had been raised as a signal from the 34 year olds mobile phone was picked up by authorities who pinpointed the area, but it’s now thought that his body had slipped from one point to another on the Cliffside, activating the phone. It is believed he had been searching for his own lost drone but had wandered off alone into the forest despite being offered a guide to go along with him.  Only a full autopsy will reveal time of death but no others are considered to have been involved with his dying.

EXAT the tollway operators aren’t overjoyed with dark humour on the internet as, it seems, following a spelling error made on their welcome signs for APEC visitors, several have exited photographs and created comedic versions of the same event. Some, we are told, were OTT, rude or vulgar and posters of those, according to EXAT face lawsuits unless they remove them poste haste, The problem, of course, is that as fast as they are removed, they will be shared by others keen to bait and annoy.  Meanwhile the spelling was corrected and a display of incorrect flags was removed from the signage too.

And according to Sanook news, a Thai man has asked the lawyers council to represent him in an action against a local public hospital.  Seems he injured his foot, was treated for a week but needed an operation.  He signed papers to operate on his foot, but woke to find half his leg had been amputated.  He claims the papers he signed were doctored, the hospital denies that.

And two top cops in Ranong province have been MOVED ON this week, after video clips went viral showing them drinking after hours at a local bar and THEN  being rude to subordinates who told the bar to close.  As always, the damning evidence spread on social media and an investigation is underway.

Looks like Sunday in Thailand WILL see the World Cup on free tv despite the ups and downs of negotiations between the sports authority of Thailand and FIFA.  Word is that an extra discount was given, but that has been eaten up by additional taxes.  A price of 33 Million US dollars has been published, PLUS 15% of some kind of tax.  Total…1.4 billion baht.  If it happens, well then good for viewers here, if not, the country saves the money and all watch online instead of overseas viewing platforms, either way fans will get to watch, as there is no word as to where the balance of the cost will be coming from.

An ex-school director has finally been sentenced, to life, in a Sa Kaew court after being found guilty of the killing of a 19 yr old student of whom he was particularly fond.  10 yrs ago the girl disappeared, only to be traced years later to a Jane Doe corpse found at a Chonburi cemetery. The 57 yr old, ordered to compensate her family to the tune of 1.7 mill baht,  was taken away to a cell without bail.

With a video link to the interview with a Thai barrister now shared on our website and Youtube, the latest interview, this time with the expat funeral directors AMAR, goes live later today. Explaining the process of organizing a funeral, a shock point was made that many family members overseas show no interest in paying for or helping with the funeral of their expat, often errant, family members.  A plan is in the offing to see that you get a proper send off.  Well worth a watch.

At the junction atop Pratumnak hill, motorists were held up after a series of telegraph poles collapsed onto the road, this after a transformer fire that saw much of the area disconnected from mains power for some while.

The Pattaya region again yesterday, Thursday, saw flooding after the daily afternoon storms.  Those storms will continue into next week and manage to cause flooding to homes and businesses, despite billions being spent this year on new drainage.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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