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Thailand & Pattaya Headline News (24 October 2022) Fabulous 103fm

todayOctober 24, 2022 35

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Thailand & Pattaya Headline News  (24 October 2022) Fabulous 103fm

Over the weekend the FDA has ordered the removal from sale in Thailand of Mie Sedaaps instant noodle range, after ethylene oxide was discovered in two samples tested. The Indonesian manufactured packaged food has been removed from the importation warehouse and retailers are being told to remove it too, from shop shelves.

An Austrian tourist to Thailand in the 80s, Dietrich Mateshitz discovered a local hangover cure being sold by a Thai vendor.  Together, they formed a company, teaming up to market what we now know as Red Bull.  Mr Mateshitz passed away at the weekend aged 78 and, as one of the world’s richest men, fronted the F1 racing team along with many other sport projects.

Today, Monday, is a public holiday following the celebration yesterday of King Chulalongkorn day.  Rama 5 was the reforming monarch of Thailand at the turn of the 19th to 20th century, ruling for 42 years and fathering the introduction of education, railways, hosptials and much of the infrastructure seen here today.  It was he, too, who managed to avoid colonisation by western countries, a favoured habit in those days, by instead building lasting relationships WITH those countries and developing trade. Chulalongkorn is also credited with introducing the postal service, replacing calendars with the western one, setting up provincial governments offering freedom of choice regarding religion.

The monkey isn’t going anywhere, this from Pata zoo, where a gorilla, not a monkey as such, has been ON SHOW for decades before rumours began last week of a 30 Million baht sale that would see it relocated to a more open surrounding.  Many seriously believe that it deserves its freedom after serving a virtual life sentence on show, but the gorilla, the last existing one in Thailand, would, according to the zoo, be missed.

No word on a missing Russian lady who divested herself of her clothing Thursday on a Phuket beach and is believed to have then gone for a swim. Despite high waves and strong currents, rescue teams HAVE been out looking for her. So far, no news, BUT it’s believed that she may have mental health issues, so may just have wandered off.

A woman with a suspected history of mental issues was discovered over the weekend, living in Bangkok’s main airport. Said to be 28 years old and Thai, she had been reported after regularly pilfering from shops and outlets and even caught on CCTV sleeping.  Police and a charitable foundation were, as of yesterday, actively trying to find her family and have taken her for evaluation which, we are told, includes a good meal and clean clothes.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, a man who kept 7 pit bulls at his home, albeit caged, was ripped to death by two of them on Saturday. Seems the family bred the animals and hardly let them out from their caged area.  With his son stating that they had never done anything like this before, he plans to give the animals away or send them to family further north.. if they will take them.

It was his fourth wife that shot him, so we are told, when a bkk cop stepped out to the back of his police station for a quiet cigarette break, only to take a bullet from his pregnant spouse.  Other police calmed her down, he was given emergency treatment and the media told that of his 4 wives, 1 had passed away and the relationship with his fourth was fractious.

Meanwhile at home and the weekend was a wet one for the city where isolated storms hit Friday through to this morning. Today, of course, is a national holiday and so the city remains busy, with an expected rush to leave this afternoon by domestic tourists on wheels.

The tale of an exploding manhole has gripped Thai social media, this as Saturday saw a steel manhole cover thrown 5 metres into the air from its street fitting, landing on a baht bus and causing significant damage on the Sukhumvit road.  With cables all being buried around the city, so we may just be entering an era of manhole cover lifting in a similar way as, globally, this phenomenon is blamed on cables overheating, melting their insulation and arcing, causing gases in drains to explode.  New York is famous for its flying covers, often accidentally caught on camera and ranging from a flip up and roll over, to 8 metre launches in the air.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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