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Thailand & Pattaya HEADLINE NEWS (20 October 2022) Fabulous 103fm

todayOctober 20, 2022 59

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Thailand & Pattaya HEADLINE NEWS (20 October 2022) Fabulous 103fm

The main Kathu to Patong Road on Phuket island has been closed after the complete roadside washed away leaving the tarmac hanging in the air and all hardcore and subsil gone.   This followed further storms in the south that have continued to batter much of the region including the popular island.  Local authorities believe that repairs could be completed within 10 days BUT that promise was perhaps made before they fully saw the damage. 250 metres of mountain side road has to be recreated without the benefit of anything to build upon, and in other areas BRIDGES are out, either damaged or washed away.   Airport authorities are recommending travelers allow an extra 3 to 4 hours to get TO the airport, with diversion in place across the region, and several trips FROM the airport to tourist areas have been delayed or cancelled as the MET office expects storms to continue through the weekend.

In Songkhla, for once, Police DIDN’T get what they bargained for in a drugs raid.  It seems the local DEA nailed a 35 year old dealer in an undercover meth buy. He was quickly flipped as part of the plan and gave them all the details on his supplier. Cops got him to trick the suppliers into delivering a bigger purchase of 8 Kilos.  The deal was set up and 6 police went in two vehicles, along with the caught dealer.  Now, whether the caught dealer used some kind of code or not is up for speculation right now BUT 4 vehicles pulled out and encircled them,  20 men persuaded the cops to hand over their weapons along with the keys to THEIR car.  That was taken by the thieves, who will have been enthralled to find that the drugs originally confiscated by the police, were all neatly piled up inside.

The criminal suppression unit, CSD, has caught up with and arrested a 55 year old Thai who conned thousands of gullible investors into buying into a convenience store program, promising profits within 7 days of investing.  Yet again, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is, but in this case,  it is estimated that he netted 500 million baht before turning off all contact with his marks. Fraud and computer crimes are listed on his charge sheet as he told police he never intended to trick anyone, just that the company ran out of money and couldn’t keep up with the promises.  In other words.. a ponzi scheme.

Not for the first time, a jbcstyle backhoe operator managed to get his bucket entangled in cables in a busy street BUT YESTERDAY, the soi 15 Buakao incident saw fire break out, spreading along cables, setting fire to trees and even parked cars. Early this morning, Thursday, power and internet providers were still busy twisting wires to reestablish supply to hundreds of local homes and businesses left in the dark for over 14 hours after the mid day mistake. Over a quarter of a km of cabling was due to be hurriedly replaced as witnesses told the press of a mass of sparks that continued even after the digger operator had got his machine free.  The scene of months of road closure as yet another drainage project has seen the whole soi through to second road dug and refilled at a pace that would be the envy of any snail. Yesterday though, saw locals attempting to douse the electrical fire with water. That is almost as dangerous as an out of control hoe and NOT recommended.

IN CHONBURI a 22 year old is in critical condition after being stabbed by someone who may or may not be the OTHER boyfriend of his girlfriend Fah. Seems they were happily ensconced in her room when a second man knocked on the door, the boyfriend answered, the errant knocker explained he had made a mistake in room numbers but the boyfriend wasn’t having any of that, and a struggle ensued, seeing the girl begging them to stop, which they duly did and shook hands.  BUT as the boyfriend turned to go back into the room, the OTHER MAN grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

Three Thai women have handed themselves in to local police after complaints spread regarding their approach to marketing a fishing boat hire.  It seems they offered a four hour trip for 3K baht a head, but did so in a twitter video clip, whilst without any semblance of clothing. Both have vehemently denied offering more than the chance to cast and catch, pointing out that the boat crew are actually their boyfriends, but did admit to bi-passing the wardrobe department for, in their words, a laugh, and this week they will have caught more eyes than fish.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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