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Pattaya & Thailand LATEST NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (16 March 2023)

todayMarch 16, 2023 37

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Pattaya & Thailand LATEST NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (16 March 2023)

– Rogue Bangkok cop disarmed after tense 24-hour stand-off
The siege at a house in Bangkok’s Sai Mai district, where a mentally disturbed police inspector had holed up in a siege after firing his gun, later AT other officers who surrounded his home, ended yesterday mid afternoon after he was first shot, then attempted to flee by jumping from a window, armed with a knife,  that didn’t work as he landed badly in a garbage area and was swiftly taken into custody.  The 51 year old had been held up in his home for over 24 hrs after neighbours reported him firing randomly into the air.  A police sgt among those surrounding him had been shot but was lucky as the bullet hit his helmet only.

 – Thailand to impose registration policy for all firearms
The Cabinet has approved a draft law which woud require ALL firearms held by members of the public AND police to be registered on a national database.  As a retort to the increase in the use of firearms, often randomly and occasionally in mass killings, the concept is a fair one BUT, reality is that those in the criminal fraternity are still going to be easily able to access weapons.  No word on penalties recommended for those caught without a licence.

– Thailand approves extradition deal with Russia
A draft extradition treaty with Russia has been approved that would allow each country to ask for and receive their nationals if found on either shore.  With thousands trying to move here, many fleeing the military draft in effect in Russia, it’s not clear as to whether Russia woud be able to demand the return of their nationals who dodge the draft, which adds manpower to the war against Ukraine.  Its INTENTION is to suppress crime and the deal, we are told, doesn’t need parliamentary approval so could and probably will go ahead despite the upcoming election.

– Search continues for missing radioactive cylinder 
As we reported yesterday, on a container of radioactive material MISSING from a coal-fuelled power plant in Prachinburi, it’s now clear that the cylinder went missing nearly 4 weeks ago but was only noticed missing last Friday.   The metal container holds a radioactive isotope and it’s believed that thieves stole it to resell to scrap dealers.  Anyone coming into contact with it is at danger, and all Thai media is now reporting on the events that yesterday saw the search heightened with an investigation command centre set up in the area and officials visiting all local scrap dealers to warn them.   If simply dumped, it will eventually corrode and the contents spew out, dangerous to those nearby, they are unlikely to enter the water table but rather remain on ground level.

– Six wild tiger cubs spotted in Thailand
Six tigers have been spotted by enthusiastic wildlife experts at a sanctuary area in Kanchanaburi province, adding to speculation that they are once again breeding and living well after decades of their numbers dwindling.  An increase in other wildlife numbers in the jungle there will have helped, as they provide food to the tigers who, once upon a time, roamed much of the country but have become nowadays a rarity.

– Lime-growers in Kamphaeng Phet form firing squad to prevent theft
And farmers, protecting the fruit of their labours, literally, in Kamphaeng Phet province, are out with guns patrolling their fields of Lime trees. Seems the fruit, which has risien in retail price, has been the target of thieves who wait until the bushes are aden and clear them after dark, leaving farmers with baren branches and little income.  The harvest can add up to hundreds of thousands of baht and each, nowadays, can sell on the markets for 8-12 baht.

 – Have you seen this man in Thailand?  (Brit missing 2 weeks in Pattaya)
And the wife of a British man, missing here in Pattaya has appealed for help from the general public.  60 year old ALAN TRAVES went missing 2 weeks ago, having, the day before, just purchased a condo in Naklua with his wife of 20 years, after they moved here from the UK.  Alan, neither a drinker or smoker, went missing at the start of this month and his wife has filed reports with the British Embassy AND Pattaya Police.  Concern is that he is said to have left the condo with a bag containing his bank books, cash and passport but never returned.  A series of text messages WAS sent to her 2 weeks ago, which don’t make sense and she now believes he is being held against his will.  ANYONE having spotted Alan, or indeed Alan himself, is asked to contact US, via facebook messaging and all messages will be passed to her, the embassy and of course the police.  Only here a few weeks, Alan is said to be an introverted type and has never disappeared before.   His wife met with the Fab team here last weekend and together we compiled a full report that was forwarded to the British Embassy then, asking that they contact Thai authorities to ascertain whether he had had an accident, was in their custody or had been reported to them in any way.  To date there has been no response TO the Embassy that helps locate him.  Again – Please, if you have seen him, contact us via facebook, or message via our website

St Patrick’s Day Parade in Thailand 
Tomorrow sees the return of the fabulous St Patrick’s day parade in the city.  Headed up by the local Irish contingency. 16.00 Start of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2023. The Pattaya Mayor will press the horn to indicate the start of the parade at 4., that travels along the beach promenade before arriving at the school sport ground adjacent to second and south Pattaya road.  Promising fun, and the chance to spot floats sponsored by local businesses..  the event raises much needed funds for local childrens organizations

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Written by: Megan Midget

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