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PATTAYA & THAILAND HEADLINE NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (8 December 2022)

todayDecember 8, 2022 25

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PATTAYA & THAILAND HEADLINE NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (8 December 2022)

The continued clamp down on those without valid extension of stay, often referred to as visas, has seen more arrests across the country and a lot more planned.  Aided by modern computerised records and locators, immigratin police are not finding it difficult, it appears, to track down errant visitors.  In Chaiyapun, a 27 yr old Indian was tracked and nabbed, close to three years overstay there, a 22 yr old female in the capital on just a few weeks overstay, but with a fake visa stamp in her passport and with several others caught, from Pattaya and Chiang Mai, the search is on.  Fake visas are now easily checked, as officials now have online records of genuine visas allocated to passport numbers.  That, too, caught a 30 yr old British wannabee teacher in Sisaket out, he was picked up as he walked home, told police he wanted to stay and loves the place, but as his visa was already 2 and a half months expired, he is on the first plane out, once he pays fines and of course for the ticket.  Until then HE, as others, will be ensconced in Bangkok’s immigratin detention centre which is NOT a home from home.

 Police investigators, working quietly for 10 months on an equity, have seized around 3 and a half THOUSAND crypto mining processors around Bangkok after the discovery a week ago that many had been bi passing meters to steal electricity to feed their miners.    It’s believed that most were sneaked in from China, over the Northern borders, and with 20 people in custody FOLLOWING the raids, it’s more than likely that most will tell all they know, to get reduced sentences AND that further raids will be forthcoming.

In the South of Thailand, authorities are on an even higher state of alert as this week the provincial court handed down sentences of up to 37 years to senior members of a militant operation there that has orchestrated violence in numerous areas. 7 of the major players in organized rebellion were all caught mid year along with stashes of grenades, insejury devices RPG and chemicals.   All sentences were cut by 50% as the defendants plead guilty as charged.

Is there a law that allows defence of property, that’s the issue in Isaan this week, after a local marijuana farmer beat up a thief who was stealing his crop.  The thief was treated and later released at a local hospital after he refused a nasal feeding tube BUT, no one noticed that he had internal bleeding that WEEKS later is said to have caused his death.  Initially local police said there was no case for the farmer to answer as he was defending his property. NOW, following a family to do, the case is being re-investigated.

City police have upped the reward offered for information leading to the arrest of a Thai man who robbed a gold shop.  Now 100K baht, a fortune to many, is being promised to anyone who can ID the man, caught on CCTV as he fled with the yellow stuff.

A deputy mayor has been out and about this week, visiting an underpass where, amid the supporting pillars, homeless people were camping out.  Along with the Chonburi homeless centre staff, he was shown the campsite as children were removed and taken into care.

Contractors who backfilled and covered over piping along the railway road are likely to see claims on their warranties, this as now numerous minor sink holes are appearing AND a recently poorly covered area where drivers come down from the motorway is positively dangerous to cars and bikes.  In other areas, the continued drain pipe burying keeps many employed and many businesses and homes annoyed.

And GOOD news for bike and music fans, as the covid era is firmly at an end, February WILL see the return of what was the annual Burapa bike week.  Organisers have confirmed the event, and are now finalizing planning, liaising with other biker groups and signing up experienced musicians to make it a winner.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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