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Pattaya & Thailand HEADLINE NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (21 November 2022)

todayNovember 21, 2022 24

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Pattaya & Thailand HEADLINE NEWS from Fabulous 103fm (21 November 2022)

Just over 3 and a half months after a fire at a Sattahip pub club saw 26 people die as a result of shoddy building and a lack of available fire exits, reports from Chonburi police indicate that the very same owner,  who has yet to adequately compensate victims, rebuilt. Renamed as Never land, an open air bar is said to have been built on the site of the now demolished Mountain B pub and opened at the weekend, despite a reportedly five year ban on alcohol sales from the property, BUT it was quickly raided by police who discovered no proof of licensing or building permits for the purpose.  Quickly closed, police now have to determine that the new venue is built on exactly the same property, whilst the owner went to social media to complain that he had lost his savings and needed to feed his family.  No word on insurance for the new venue or the old one, as families of the dead, along with those who still remain with massive injuries wonder if or when they will be compensated.  With many of those injured or dead coming from the naval base nearby, it’s unlikely that this man will be allowed to reopen without being reported for each and every violation, this as in Pattaya NO LIST has ever been released of the names of clubs or bars that do not adhere to set building regulations for fire safety.

Seventeen free to air TV stations around the nation WILL broadcast  the World cup matches, along with cable and satellite channels following a last minute agreement between sports authority and FIFA at the end of last week. 33 million US Dollars is the hyped price, much of it coming from grants and corporate sponsors here.

With the APEC summit hailed as a success for Bangkok, and having passed without any incident, the government reports that it has established favourable bilateral relationships with numerous nations during the international event that drew world leaders to Thailand.  With only minor and controlled demonstrations, all away from the event areas, once the summit ended, some 25 protesters were released on bail.

Nationally, non Thais, tourists AND expats are advised to copy their passports AND VISAS into their phones and have with them at all times, this as among other checks across the country, in Pattaya a clamp down continues on opening hours for licensed premises that, over and above drug testing and ID checks has seen  those without Proof of ID taken to the police station until they can provide such.  There really isn’t any reason not to copy your documents, and those police cells, well they are certainly not the Ritz. There has been no announcement confirming later hours for drinking during the world cup either,  and licensed holders are warned that violations will result in closures.

Tuesday will see Thailand’s Narcotics Control Board, discuss proposals to make cannabis, probably only the bud or flower, an illegal substance here in Thailand.   Current regulations ban its sale in any form if above 0.2% THC, and technically sales are restricted to medical use.   Chaos in the ganga versus authorities world, since June saw  the weed decriminalized.  No major outcome from the meeting is expected however a clamp down on retailing without a license is expected to begin soon, as December 7th will see PARLIAMENT moot the current proposals to changes in LAW.

When the owner of a Kanchanaburi plot of land went to check their property they were surprised, as someone had built two houses on it.  Seems that someone didn’t check their deeds and began construction until the city ordered building to halt as no permit had been issued.  Near completion the two domains cost several million so far, the errant builder has offered a paltry sum to buy the land, but the rightful owner, wnt accept less than 2 million OTHERWISE, of course, he owns the buildings.

The weekend saw numerous bars and clubs VISITED by police, checking licensing paperwork and seeing whether patrons are leaving after the 1AM closing time. In many that wasn’t the case. Walking street venues were visited by one team, finding customers still being served and all were drug tested. In tree town, an established music pub venue was also found to have customers after the prescribed time.  In all cases, non thais without ID were taken away for questioning and expected to have someone bring proof of their visa qualification to the station. The Acting Superintendent of Chonburi Police, told several venues to close as licence documentation was not in order.

Sunday afternoon saw medics rush to the assistance of a 33 year old Russian man who had FALLEN 8 floors from a Pratumnak hotel balcony.  Still alive, but with major injuries he was rushed to hospital as police determined from witnesses that he had rowed with his Russian wife. She was unavailable for interview as despite all efforts, he passed away at Pattaya City hospital.

Good news for one indian tourist as his orange coloured allegedly GOLD necklace, which he valued at 285,000 baht was reunited with its owner, after he filed a complaint claiming that it had been stolen by four ladyboys as he innocently perambulated along the promenade in the early hours.   As he made his report, a member of the public brought the heavy chain and baubles in, having found it lying on the ground.  Whilst some speculate that the thieves dropped it during a hastened escape, others guess that the clasp broke.  Either way,  he got his family jewels back and no travel insurance company was injured during the event.  No word on any reward being given to the honest finder.

This as another fellow countryman raised a few eyebrows at the police station, after demanding assistance in getting a refund from a lady of the night that he took back to his hotel, only to DISCOVER that she was in fact a HE.  When the ladyboy refused a refund he protested, then went to poice to file a complaint, only to have it gently explained that prostitution is illegal here and the chances of his getting his 1500 baht back were less remte than his being charged with solicitation.  You can’t make it up.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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