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Pattaya & Thailand Headline News (25 October 2022) Fabulous 103fm

todayOctober 25, 2022 43 1

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Pattaya & Thailand Headline News  (25 October 2022) Fabulous 103fm

In neighbouring Myanmar, dozens of people have been killed by government air strikes while celebrating at a concert, according to rebel groups who report that military strikes killed at least 30 people including singers, musicians and rebel soldiers. Over 500 people were at the concert, celebrating the rebel groups anniversary and is said to have been the largest killing in Myanmar since the army there seized power violently.

Ethnic Kachin groups have said the strikes by Myanmar’s military have killed at least 30 people, including singers and musicians. They had been attending an anniversary celebration of the minority group’s main political organization, Kachin Independence, in a remote mountain area around 600 miles from the country’s biggest city. The Kachin Artists Association claimed between 300 and 500 people were at the event, and a Kachin singer and keyboard player were among the dead. Those killed also included Kachin officers and soldiers, musicians and at least 10 Kachin military and business VIPs sitting in front of the stage. The number of casualties at Sunday night’s celebration appeared to be the most in a single air attack since the military seized power in February.

This Thursday sees abortion rights afforded to any women in Thailand up to 20 weeks pregnant.  Over 100 hospitals and clinics are lined up to offer such services and with the approval of the Thai medical council and the Ministry of Public health, such operations become totally legal and available on the Thai public health plan. Abortion continues to be frowned on by many here, including the highly religious and the locally supersticious as to date Thai women would not lend another money for abortions for fear of supersticious reprisals.

Thai Airways, now clawing itself back from the brink of bankruptcy plans to relaunch itself on the stock market within 2-3 years AND has announced that it WILL begin the slow process of refunding customers who lost out on tickets at the start of the covid outbreak when flights were cancelled.   Thousands saw their money tied up and unavailable for refunds after flights were cancelled, seeing near riots at ticketing offices in Thailand by stranded tourists. Not too much room for excitement though, as the latest settlement date is set for January, not next year, but the year after, so they have over a year to cough up what they owe, and then only the actual ticket value.

Phuket police has, according to local media there, called off the search for a missing Russian lady who disappeared on a Thalang Beach Thursday last week, assuming now that she has drowned.  Close to 100 people formed a search team during the first few days, and naval helicopters were also used, however there is no chance of her having survived now and a continued search would be a waste of effort whilst still a risk to those involved.

Becoming better known as Big Sherlock, Thailand’s Assistant National police chief has taken control of the investigation into the threats of violence toward short time renters at a Pattaya villa mid month.   Thailand’s top cop told the press that 10 suspects are now in custody including two so called Patsys, who were paid to take the heat and admit to being there, even though they weren’t, but THAT’S not the scoop. Surachate told the press that the so-called guests, the renters, were  possibly involved in a drug cartel themselves. The tale of the Thai tourists being attacked by people they had never seen before after they rented the short time villa has been doing the rounds for over a week now, but it was obvious that there was more to this than met the eye.  Media was kept at arms length as investigations were under way. NOW, we are told that the so-called guests failed drug testing and that with suspicions aroused, a full press conference by the weeks-end will explain all.  Elementary for some, but unclear, so far, for most.

Club one, the nightclub raided at the weekend in the city, at 3 AM, 2 hrs after legal closing time, that saw guests burst out and flee from drug testing police AND the manager claiming on a video clip, that went viral, that he had paid for this kind of thing NOT to happen, has now seen a police patrol set up outside the venue which, is likely to keep many at bay BUT at the same time, plans by the Chonburi governor to put a licence block on the property not just the business for 5 years after it was revealed that the club manager had claimed a special connection WITH the governor AND that the chances are, according to investigators, that the club is owned by a Non-Thai, using Thais as a front.  Police believe the owner is a chinese with a rap sheet as long as your arm in his own country . The manager? Well, he apologised and claimed he was drunk when he made his outburst, but isn’t likely to get off easily, more charges including making false claims are pending, as the 200 customers, who fled into the night after breaching the police cordon are not being sought as it would be impossible, according to the Thai media, the provincial governor has clarified that he has never met or been associated with the club manager in any way.

Delays announced at the finishing of numerous drainage projects clogging up traffic around the whole of the region have seen ocala confused and angry, especially in areas where concrete has been replaced with mud for months without seeing any work done. The reason, it’s now clear, is a total lack of affordable labor. Even private companies, such as hotels, where work is being carried out to renovate after the covid era are finding skilled labour hard to find and semi skilled.. far from cheap. Contractors nationally are making similar claims, that the old workforce doesn’t want to work, and hiring from outside Thailand is not as easy as it used to be.  No cheer up for locals.. but that’s how it is right now.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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