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Pattaya Radio station, Fabulous 103, is the only radio station with live shows, hosted shows, BBC News and local news all through the day.

We broadcast on the FM  on 103fm, as Fabulous 103fm,  and work together with Always Pattaya to provide the latest of news from Thailand and Pattaya, “fresh, concise and accurate”.  Pattaya News is created very early in the morning, so that we can broadcast it from 8.30AM onwards and together with our sports updates it is often updated throughout the day from our Pattaya Studios.

Mornings begin in Pattaya with BBC radio programming until 8AM  to keep us all current with world trends.  From 9 its the morning show hosted by Brooksy which includes Thai lessons, sport updates, regular guests and of course great music for the city

Peter Quin takes over the radio airwaves in Pattaya from mid day with a really different show of fun factoids music and more.  A newcomer to Fabulous 103, he is already proving to be a great hit around Thailand

Mid Afternoon Drive Time Dave takes over the radio in Pattaya, hosting a show that sees us safely home, for us workers, until 6pm

From 6 onwards, well we have Thai news in Thai and then more shows thru until way after dark to keep Radio in Pattaya as it should be.  Vibrant, exciting and fun

Join us every minute of every day.. on 103fm, and with the radio player on our homepage too

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