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Pattaya news & Thailand news from Fabulous 103fm (4th October 2022)

todayOctober 4, 2022 135

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Pattaya news & Thailand news from Fabulous 103fm (4th October 2022)

Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation has acknowledged that 16 provinces are badly affected by flooding which began as a part of the NORU storm front, entering via Cambodia from Vietnam, but then on Sunday and yesterday, Monday saw further storm fronts blanket the East, North and Central areas of Thailand, including the capital AND, for the first time, Pattaya city too (DDPM) on Monday, October 3rd, reported 16 flood-affected provinces across the country due to the batter of the ‘NORU’ storm.  With river levels rising fast across the country, extra sandbagging in many cities, including the capital was the order of the day, and regions worst affected are said to be Lamphun, Lampang, Sukhothai, Phetchabun, Pichit, Uttaradit, Sisaket, Ubon, Khon Khen, Chaiyapum, Prachinburi and Buriram along with Nakhon Ratchasima.  Agricultural experts predict that crops, vegetables and rice are in many cases beyond recovery which will lead to higher prices, but also poverty in many rural regions.

Taking Sisaket, just one province, as an example, 33K homes were reported with storm or flood damage and river levels there CONTINUE to rise.

In the capital, Bangkok, Monday was pretty grim for commuters and residents alike, seeing continued rain, leading to extensive flooding across numerous districts and reports of 104mm rainfall overnight in some parts. The Chao Phraya river banks in Nonthaburi have seen 300K sandbags laid to contain the fast rising waters, but slow traffic, often gridlocked, was reported as many streets and roads became impassable for bike and cars alike.

In Ayutthaya, the governor has requested that the sluice gates that CAN drain the ever rising Chao phraya river there BE OPENED to divert at least some water to flood plains, which would go some way to alleviating the stress caused to some reported 27K homestead in that region alone said to be currently flooded.

Chiang Mai has seen the worst of flooding in recent memory. There, with riverbanks boosted with sandbags, flooding occured when water rose from the sewers as flooding elsewhere put pressure on them, seeing thousands of homes inundated with less than pleasant water.

In other news. Those apps for covid, Thai Chana and the like, well you can safely delete them as they are no longer needed or supported… your data? Well, the state says all data you entered into those programs, which showed your vaccination status and more, will be deleted and NOT used for other projects or sold on.

A 1.5 million baht gold shop robbery in the North East of Thailand has been quickly solved, this as local cops recognized the villain as one of their own.  The man had robbed the store, in a Lotus shopping mall and threatened staff with a handgun. He now claims he was in debt and in rows with his wife.

Investigators into the mowing down of a student in Nakhon Ratchasima by a 15 yr old boy, driving with pals in a BMW, despite being underage, no licence and  jumping a red light,  have according to Thai media coordinated with the family of a 15-year-old man to make an appointment for questioning, and the family said the young driver was still taking the tests. Nevertheless, the Thai reports go on to say that the lad will be interviewed within a week or so. Still no name released of the obviously well healed family to which the 15 yr old is obviously ENTITLED.

Only after a couple went to the media did a bank agree to discuss compensation after they and their agents seized the wrong house, clearing it of contents, much of which was destroyed , changing the locks, chaining the gate and putting it up for sale. Only problem was that the bankers got the wrong address. Real owners want 2 Million to refurnish and compensate, the bank said a big NO, but now has agreed to meet and discuss.

Meanwhile at home and in our own region, after a week of the city and local areas NOT seeing storms, as other areas were deluged, it was finally the turn of fun city to take a pasting Monday.  Black clouds approached from the direction of Rayong encircling the area completely before closing in and, by 11 in the morning the monsoon rains began.  Drains quickly filled, seeing water rising instead of flowing into many grills,  floods quickly appeared on the railway road, Sukhumvit, 3rd, 2nd and Beach roads, and all connecting Sois in between became riverways. Rural routes too were flooded, seeing Huay Yai area reporting many roads as unpassable.  The good news, and long term expats will agree, is that whilst the drains simply can’t deal with that volume of water instantly, drainage at least DID contribute to water levels dropping faster than in the past in those crisis areas.

Tuesday morning saw a tanker truck seize and stall on the motorway at Pong, acrid smoke filling the air, and at one time visibility across the main route limited. Turns out that poor brake servicing was to blame and brakes under the tanker had seized and caught fire.   No injuries but also no news on the contents of the truck, the driver used an extinguisher to cool the drums down but was unable to continue on his journey.

Those Ladies of the night in the city, well they’re either partying on their ill gotten gains OR being blamed for things they didn’t do.  Police have to decide.  this as Sunday saw an Indian claim that the fair maiden he had met along the city seafront , to whom he had offered shelter for the night out of kindness, had repaid him by leaving while he slept, along with his phone, which he wanted to report as stolen, presumably to support an insurance claim, and a RUSSIAN man took to wearing 120,000 baht worth of gold necklace, that’s close to 4K sterling as he perambulated the shoreline at 3.30AM NOT in search of a bodyseller but to catch the vibe.  According to him, not one but two members of the third gender relieved him of his yellow stuff without him even noticing,  until they had left the scene.

And with the reminder that many roads are still slick from run offs and sand from recent storms, so take extra care.

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Written by: Megan Midget

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