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Pattaya news, and the latest news from Thailand is compiled every day here in our studios, catching the  news stories of interest to visitors and Expats, and not just cutting and pasting either , but written here too, with clear and accurate explanations of whats happening and why.


Our Pattaya news has covered everything from the passing of King Rama 9, to music festivals in the region.  We look to create new programmes that are vibrant and positive without accepting new stories that we cant corroborate to ensure accuracy for you, the viewer or listener..

10 years of Daily reporting to you on Pattaya news and Thailand news has seen a growing audience, thousands watching on TV, Youtube and FB too.  That in addition of course to our radio listeners.  In those 10 years we are fortunate to have been included by Thai reporters in their sharing of news stories too.  We dont compete, we just do what we do.

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