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Pattaya Marathon 2019 #Fabulous 103fm

Catholic Surprise for Bangkok

Thailand is on the tour listing for the  Pope,   head of the catholic church he is set to visit here in November in a schedule that also takes in Japan.  Traditionally a Buddhist country,  just under half a percent of Thailand is catholic, however its expected that his visit will be orchestrated to afford all of those to have a chance to see him

Droughts and floods in Thailand

Drought conditions are creeping south from the north east this week, seeing more and more villages devoid of tap water and river levels at an historic low.   Report of farmers cutting failing rice paddies and using them as feed for cattle are causing concern and   reservoirs are down, in some cases, to just 5% of capacity. Water for irrigation has long been turned off as the wet stuff is saved for domestic needs.  A complete opposite of the south of Thailand wherte in Phuket, daily deluges have seen flooding in the region.   For the north and north east tho, they are suffering, as is much of Asia, from the results of a very hot dry season and a non existent first monsoon season,

Failed Chinese Take Away in Samut Prakan

 When 4 chinese were taken away by Rayong police, after a nationwide police APB was put out for their arrest…, they claimed that whilst they had robbed a Samut Prakan company of 900,000 baht, they had only done it because they had run out of spending money.  That’s fallen on deaf ears, and they can expect a jail term

Good and bad news for British Tourists in Thailand

A Go fund me page set up for two British tourists on their honeymoon in Koh tao was successful this month…. Seems they had a bike crash, they HAD medical insurance but the policy was pretty limited and only covered PART of their medical costs.

 Left with nearly half a million bahts worth of unpaid bills, their friends all donated , seeing costs covered and the couple returned to Britain.    Another fund me project has failed tho, that of the British expat living up north and on a 10 yr overstay.

Despite family claiming it wasn’t his fault, potential donors saw thru his pleas.. and his fund sits at about 13ooo baht, which won’t do much more than keep him in food and water at the Immigration detention centre.    Words is his family is trying to help, with a 20K fine, court costs and of course a one way ticket to the UK.

Pattaya Swimming Warning

  Hi waves and storms in gulf have seen red flags set out all along the Phuket shoreline warning swimmers NOT to swim.  Here the undercurrents are strong too and warnings have been in place NOT to swim until the swells subsided

Pattaya Marathon News 

Walking st was being sluiced down by city hall teams early Sunday morning as the annual marathon was set to start in the early hours….13000 runners were expected, and as streets were closed off, and as bars closed down, so the fun began, seeing another amazing race around the city

  And fireworks set off in a magnificent display as winners crossed the finish line  in the 28th annual Pattaya Marathon.. Onlookers were treated to streetside entertainment and a 3KM wheelchair race proved extremely popular too..  as runners and watchers arrived in the city so it quickly became totally congested from 6 in the evening onwards and those businesses servicing local nationals were all very busy.

Pattaya Marathon 2019 with Always Pattaya

Pattaya Weather

Rain predicted for the weekend by the met office, simply sailed overhead for most of us, leaving Pattaya with a cooler 2 days but certainly dry.  For the next two days we are on storm watch too,   and today see predictions of his only of 32, dropping to a cool 27.