Latest news from Pattaya City and Thailand today Friday 26 July

Hemp to be legalised in Thailand, Pattaya to host international boat racing, plus all the news from pattaya first daily on Fab 103fm


The Public Health Ministry announced planned changes to delist HEMP as a controlled substance,  a move which will see the plant used at many levels in manufacturing, due to its versatility.   The changes, set for next month,  would make growing and using no longer illegal, Hemp can can be used in cooking thru to package making and Thailand is seen as being at the forefront of bringing the natural fibre back into the marketplace


 When a Russian and his wife tried to board an internal thai flight they were still asked for their passports.  They told officials they had lost them, a search revealed that they had them int heir bags but, of course, they were on an overstay.   7 months overstay to be precise.  So instead of their jollies in Phuket, they get to see the Immigration Detention centre and its famous accommodation .   and in a separate report, police now have access via laptops to immigration records too.  Teams using laptops can check non Thais instantly for visa status and its likely that this use will spread throughout the country, enabling a quick yes/no  when needed.


 Companies NOT paying   the mandatory contributions to the Social Security and Workmen’s Compensation funds face heavy fines according to the  Social Security Office.  With many employers failing to remit the money due for their staff, they are leaving them without even the free medical cover that employees are entitled to and makes it harder for staff to apply for redundancy payments if terminated.  The office also reminded employers that in the event a company closes and is found to have not paid, then the directors or shareholders can be held liable.  The fine is a percentage BUT there will likely be huge claims from ex employees too, which are usually supported by the dept of works


Stealing from tourist show leave their clothes in lockers at a local sauna seemed like a good idea to one burly man this week.  What he didn’t knwow as that the Italian Sauna owner is a ju Jitsu expert.  Staff spotted the scummy thief, the owner “restained” him in a manner best used by a pro, and despite the thiefs size he was demobilized until police took him away.  All solen valuables were of course retuned to their rightful owners.

 Pattaya is set to host the 14th 14th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships at the Map Prachan Reservoir ,,

next month, an event that will see some 30 countries competing.  August 20-25th will see the lake more than busy with specatators too.  Dargon baot racing, in long boats rowed by teams of 20 and decorated brightly.. goes back some 2500 years ago and has Chinese origins.  Thailand has a great team but the competiton is set to be fierce.

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