Latest CONFIRMED news as Gang of Three caught close to the border

American Drug dealer Bart Helmus , girlfriend and another escape caught after exchange of fire on Thai border to Cambodia

Final moments of capture for Bart Helmus


Thursday latest Update

The trio that escaped from Pattaya’s court house, after arming themselves with a gun and knife, using both in their getaway..  are no longer on the run. 

Yesterday saw a fury of internet news warriors who keenly misrepresented the news, claiming that the female in the gang had been caught early morning, which wasn’t correct.

The reality is that American Bart Helmus, along with his girlfriend and another Thai man,  fled the court in a well orchestrated escape that saw them SOMEHOW get their hands on weapons, shoot at one guard and stab him too before fleeing in a Pickup LEFT FOR THEM in the carpark.

 Roadblocks were too late, they had already fled the city and were on the 331 highway en route to the border.  Others helped them switch vehicles twice to evade any chase and it was from that group of outsiders that arrests were quickly made, leading to some revealing their travel plans.

 Holed up close to the border, they were unaware that the Thai man in the trio had indicated to family that  he wanted to hand himself in.

 He met with authorities and told them where to find the American and his pregnant girlfriend.

When accosted, its reported, he tried to shoot her, but did no serious injury.. however he was  then shot himself.

Some reports will tell you he shot himself and whilst that’s possible, no official report has confirmed that Yet.   One thing is for certain, photos of his gun show a spent casing jammed in an abnormal manner, a manner that raises interest amongst those who understand ballistics.

Photos released show the two huddled on the ground, she paralysed with fear and he critically injured.  She was quickly walked to a truck to take her away, Helmus was carried away by a police team.

Official reports show the officer injured during their escape is making a good recovery as he was visited by senior police yesterday.


Word was  that he is  dead, but again, that has not been confirmed by authorities. And current reports indicate that he may be still alive