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todayMay 8, 2023 12

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Warning for users
For those using our website,, please be aware that we do not sell the service of holding your hand to apply for driving license’s, a pop up website similar to ours is doing that and is noether endorsed nor recommended by us.

Thai voters cast early ballots one week before election
Advancing voting was underway throughout the country Sunday, for those registered to vote away from their provinces and ahead of next weekend’s main election day.  Despite searing heat, voters drove early in huge queues to reach voting points as businesses who retail alcohol closed from 6PM Saturday through to the same time Sunday.  That alcohol ban is also in force next weekend.  Despite the clear timing, at least one major retailer banned alcohol sales for 2 whole days, presumably due to their computer system unable to apply only the hours allowed.

Former monk charged with 180 million baht embezzlement 
Once a monk, well known as a master of meditation, the 39 year old has been arrested in Nakhon Ratchasima and charged, alongside two others with embezzlement of some 180 MILLION Baht from his former temple.  He quit the monkhood after claims of an inappropriate relationship,  a forensic audit shows money going from believers to .. his sister.. before it reached his own account.  And collection boxes crammed with 51 Million baht were also found in her home.

King & Queen of Thailand attend King Charles Coronation in London 
As London celebrated the crowning of HM the King Charles at the weekend, among those honoured royal guests photographed were  their majesties, the King and Queen of Thailand.   Experiencing the coronation as they did,  a reminder that as with their own investiture, the occurrence has been very rare in both countries as respective Monarchs, HM the Queen Elizabetth and HM Rama 9 exceed record reign years.  Thailand’s Royal couple were alongside those from numerous nations representing Monarchy from around the globe.

Crackdown on cyanide sales in Thailand
The Department of Industrial Works expects to have implemented new regulations regarding the sale of cyanide in Thailand, within 2 weeks.  The clamp down follows revelations that so-called cyanide Sara, real name Sararat, was easily able to purchase the poison for her multiple poisonings of acquaintances.    Often used legally in laboratories and for testing, cyanide purchases are likely to need documentation soon.

Dangerous heat levels sees increase in outpatients 
Medical services across the country saw an increase in outpatients suffering from various ailments as a result of the weekend heat which, in many areas including our own, EXCEEDED the real temperature of 54.  In addition to ensuring we all drink a lot of water, to avoid dehydration, of those with computers it is worth noting that yours may not work in the high heat as all are programmed, much like telephones, to shut down if overheating.  If that happens to you, simply put them in an air conditioned room and perhaps use a fan too, waiting an hour or so for them to reach an acceptable working temperature.

No entry and exit fee for Thailand yet 
Too many media outlets rushed to tell you that there is a 100 baht and 500 baht entry and exit fee for travelers to and from Thailand going into effect.  Clickbait for sure as the reality is that the  Revenue Department confirmed that this is simply a proposal, which has gone out for comments to the public and may at some time be debated.

Fridge throwing Italian leaves Thailand – ice blamed 
Meanwhile at home and THAT Italian man, who threw everything from his Pattaya hotel balcony, including a fridge last week, well, despite claims from his bedfellow, it’s now been revealed that, possibly in addition to smoking marijuana, he has also taken some form or other of Methamphetamine.  Fabulous 103 can exclusively reveal that the man was taken to the police station and family contacted quickly, following the discovery that he regularly has mental issues but is not a regular drug user.  His family decently settled all costs with the hotel, and compensated one man on who’s motorbike, the room furnishing fell.  They also saw to it that his fines were paid and arranged quickly for his departure to Italy.  Police were extremely good to him and put him on a 24-7 watch as he attempted to take his own life whilst in their care,  which was stopped by police.  Now already away from Thailand, much thanks to his Thai based Italian lawyers and the Italian consul to Pattaya, it was clarified that he is normally a pleasant, intelligent person but with mental health issues and in all likelihood had been slipped a drug, second to marijuana, without him knowing, which put him into a state of delirium.

German pedestrians hit by speeding car in Pattaya 
Saturday night saw two German pedestrians badly injured at a traffic intersection as a vehicle, driven by a  local national, mowed them down at 2 in the morning.  Walking home from the bar area in Naklua, the 58 and 68 year olds were both hospitalized and the Thai driver waited with them for police to arrive.  Giving a statement that he didn’t see them until it was too late to stop.

Bar owners held after election raids 
Saturday night and Sunday too saw police patrol checking on eateries and bars to ensure no alcohol was sold during the hours when such was banned, for the election.  Several places were found to be serving illegally and some will appear in court this week.  A larger force is expected next weekend and outlets are advised not to sell from 6 to 6, as none are to be allowed to pay at the police station but instead will be detained and go to court for judgement.

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For more of the latest local & national video news updates, subscribe to our Youtube channel:
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Written by: Megan Midget

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