Armed Drug Dealers Escape Pattaya Court

American and two Thais stab and shoot court guards before fleeing

Armed and dangerous in Pattaya

Chonburi , along with neighbouring provinces and all border routes are under watch following a dramatic, armed  and violent escape made by an American alleged drug dealer and two Thais during a courtroom appearance in Pattaya. 


39 yr old American Bart Allen Helmus  had been transported to the courts along with his female partner and others and housed in the detention area to the rear of the facility.    At some point  a Thai man came into possession of a handgun and shot two guards,  Helmus, according to police and CCTV stabbed another and numerous shots were fired  before the three of them fled the facility, still in chains and made a getaway in an unmarked  Isuzu truck that had been parked close by.

Its now believed that the truck will have been dumped and hidden as details of it were circulated.  The three are thought to be planning a border crossing into one of the many countries close by and all routes are being watched.

Helmus was arrested along with his girlfriend  earlier in the year and was considered to be a major drug dealer operating in the province.  His arrest followed after airport teams caught a Taiwanese leaving the country with a large amount of illegal drugs and, we are told, he named them as his supplier.   His girlfriend too has a history with police, previously, as another relationship came to an end, she accused her ex of being a drug dealer  which saw him arrested in his home.

Drug stash Bart Helmus #fabulous 103fm

Bangkok senior police chiefs have made this case a serious priority for all regions and the level of violence  involved will see an even stronger clamp down on drug dealers, we are told, Whether or not they think they have a level of protection.     Last week saw another drug arrest involving a British man, who remain in custody and numerous other foreigners have been caught in the past few months.   But that’s nothing compared to what the drug dealing fraternity can expect from now on.     From minor fix pushers to the Mr.Bigs ..police plan a full scale clamp down in the region which is well known for its nightlife.

 Thai authorities will usually offer a reduction in sentence to dealers who spew details on their suppliers AND customers,   this weeks event will see many, even those in prisons, re interviewed too and with the involvement of external police forces in the investigations, we can be prepared for interesting news leading up to the high season.  The shooting and stabbing of police here is, as in any country taken more than seriously,

Its already believed that this escape was well planned ahead of time.  The three, along with other prisoners, were transported from the local prison to the courts, but at some point, despite metal detectors in the court facilities they became armed.  The vehicle too is likely to have been stolen and plates removed before parked for their initial escape.  CCTV shows them fleeing across the carpark still in ankle chains, which is standard attire for all attending court on charges.

The charges against them would for certain have seen a life sentence, as of yesterday they face far worse.  The officers injured were last night in intensive care and no word has been released on their condition.

Helmus had, according to reports, already confessed to crimes of drug dealing and weapon possession back in July when he was first arrested following information supplied to police, and a sting that saw him hoodwinked into a fake sale of ICE to an undercover officer.

The Thai girlfriend?  Now on the run with Helmus , is reported to have been previously been living , last year, with another  american  whom she accused of trying to stab her before she fled his home..   Its been recently claimed that that was a set up by her after he asked her to leave and that he had done what he could to protect himself from an attack, by her…  the case against him was dropped this year.

For most who visit or live here, the drug culture is something they are unaware of and involved in….but There isn’t a holiday town anywhere in the world  that doesn’t have an unexhaustable supply of easy to find drug dealers,   Pattaya is far from alone in that matter BUT  its likely that from now on it will be less easy here and visitors are reminded that there is no PERSONAL USE rule here.. you have drugs, in your pocket or in your system.. you will go to jail.  Expats in the city have expressed anger at the viciousness of the escape and we, along with most of them, wish those injured a speedy recovery